Julie Merwin

    Julie MerwinJulie grew up in Connecticut and moved to Utah in 1996, after graduating from Springfield College, MA with a B.S. in Health/Fitness. A competitive gymnast for 17 years, she transitioned to rock climbing, eventually to become co-owner of a climbing gym. Julie has experience coaching gymnastics, climbing, and general fitness in both clinical and recreational/gym settings. She has also done some team building/ ropes course facilitation.

    Julie began teaching Bikram Yoga in the fall of 2006 after a friend introduced her to the practice 4 years before. She decided to become an instructor as an extension of her own personal practice. “Bikram yoga is a practice where your excuses, and patterns are constantly being shown to you, if you choose to look. It’s an arena where you can dissolve your self-imposed limitations, and your fears. Not only does your practice offer great health benefits it is also an amazing tool for self-realization. I knew that if I wanted to continue to grow I had to get up on the podium.”

    “Being an instructor is a yoga practice in itself. For me, my physical practice gave me a lot, and it was also something that came pretty naturally to me, what didn’t’t’t come naturally to me was standing up on a podium and being willing to speak, to lead a group of people through their own trials and tribulations as they grew in there own practice…frankly that scared the crap out of me! Teaching has a funny way of amplifying whatever issues, and self judgments still plague you personally. You have to learn to make your peace with what ever shows up in class on any particular day. To me that, ultimately, is doing yoga…the place were you have total awareness of everything, and no judgment on any of it. My students are my teachers. I enjoy learning from what they reflect back at me, as much as I enjoy watching them transform and grow.”

    Julie has also had the honor of demonstrating her yoga practice in the Bishnu Gosh National Yoga competitions in 2007 and 2008. In addition to her athletic creativity, Julie is also an artist and energy worker. She creates blown glass sculptural pieces as well as jewelry.

    Julie began practicing various modalities of energy work in 2002 and has been Access Consciousness Practitioner/Facilitator since 2007. Access offers many tools for clearing limitations, facilitating awareness, which in turn allows the ability to generate the life you’d truly like to create. Julie teaches classes in Access and also does private sessions.