From a fellow Studio Owner – a gracious perspective

An open apology to the women who were abused by Bikram Choudhury. A Los Angeles jury recently found Bikram Choudhury liable for $924,500 in compensatory damages after finding he had subjected an [...]


Why are Bikram Studios closing all over the world?

Well this is a loaded question and the answer has so many layers. To be clear both Jackie and I have trained with Bikram now many years ago. He ruled with an iron fist and tried to control and [...]


Mountain Flow – Mechanics to save your shoulders

I know so many of you are enjoying the Mountain Flow classes and building strong practices. See below some very good information as you move to the beat.  


Why hyper extension or “Lock the knee” does not serve you!

Over many years of personal practice and teaching I have learned many different approaches to many different postures. One of my teachers Bikram Choudhury was adamant about locking your knee. [...]