5 Tips for Beginning Yogis

So you’ve decided to try a yoga class. Congratulations… you are one step closer to doing something great for yourself! It can be really intimidating stepping into your first yoga class, and we want you to have the best experience possible, so here are 5 tips for beginners:

Try to quiet your inner critic

A question/concern we get here a lot at Mountain Yoga is people worrying about what others think of how they look in practice as a beginner. First and foremost, this is not what we come to yoga for. Know that most people in the class are focused on themselves and are just trying to survive the class… just like you! This fear of judgment can be abandoned in yoga when we realize that the yoga studio is one of the safest places to be and express ourselves. Everyone’s journey is different and we are here to support you at any level you’re at.

You don’t have to do every asana (posture)

Know you don’t have to do anything the instructor says. They are a guide, but this is your practice and with everyone being different in capacity and anatomically, we recommend you modify as much as needed, even if it means going into child’s pose the entire class. Don’t be afraid to ask the teacher after class if you have questions about specific postures or breathing exercises!

Proper preparation is everything

It’s hot in our Big Cottonwood Room, and you will sweat. Proper preparation will change your entire experience. This begins with nutrition and hydration. Ideally not coming to class too full or too empty, unless fasting is in your practice. Hydrating on training days with extra electrolyte supplementation (try some berries and pink Himalayan salt in your water next time, or we sell different electrolyte supplements!). Bring the gear you need to class. Headbands and face towels are great for keeping sweat out of your eyes that can affect your balance and comfort in class. A towel for your mat will help you from slipping and losing balance. We provide blocks and straps in studio.

Arrive Early

Give yourself time to get comfortable with the studio, find a spot in the room, and meet the instructor. We recommend arriving 15-20 minutes early. In addition, please plan on staying for the entire class.  The final resting posture, Savasana (pronounced sha-VAH-suh-nuh or sa-VAH-suh-nuh) is widely known as the most important posture in yoga and is where your body soaks in the benefits of your entire yoga practice.

Try different classes

We want you try and experience all that Mountain Yoga has to offer. Our Earth class is a great hot yoga class for all beginners as the class will move slower and offer more instruction, but is accessible for all body types.  If you’re looking for something non-heated, our we offer a variety of classes in our Little Cottonwood Room. Remember, in addition to the different classes, our yoga teachers each have their own personality that shines in their classes!

Have more questions or concerns? Check out our FAQ at New Member FAQ  or send us an email!
Everyone at the studio loves talking about yoga, so ask them what works best for them and gather all that you can for your practice! We are a community and we want to help you succeed.

Thank you for practicing with us!

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