30 Classes | 8 Weeks

What’s the challenge? 30 Classes in 8 Weeks. You get to choose what classes you attend, and you are allowed to attend multiple classes a day… but please, drink your electrolytes and stay hydrated!

What are the dates? Thursday, June 21st- Thursday, August 16th! That’s 8 Weeks, or 56 Days! June 21st is International Yoga Day and the Summer Solstice so we hope you all join us for this monumental kick off date!

Who can participate? Anyone! New and experienced challenge yogis are all welcome and you DO NOT have to be a member! Whether you’ve practiced for a decade or a day you can participate in a yoga challenge- and you’re sure to see benefits either way!

How much does it cost to participate? Students on a monthly or annual membership are eligible to participate for free! Students without existing packages, or who are on a class package have the option of purchasing the $175 Summer Solstice Challenge ($350 value). If you complete the minimum of 30 classes that brings each class to only $5.83! 

What if I’m on the Intro (first 30 days of Unlimited)? Awesome! If you’re on the Intro then you can either sign up for membership and that will cover your challenge, or you can purchase the challenge membership for entry.

Grab a challenge buddy! Find someone who’s not a member to do the Summer Solstice Challenge with you and you get $20 Mountain Cash to use on anything in the studio! (Hint: grab your teenager who doesn’t have summer plans, your favorite teacher who has the summer off, or your spouse!) *

-Challenge buddy cannot have any active pricing options including membership or class packages.
-Challenge buddy must either sign up for $175 challenge or become a member for referrer to receive credit.
-Referrer does not have to be a monthly member to receive the $20 credit.
-Credit can be used toward future services, or retail in the studio.

-Credit does not expire

What about Workshops? Workshops attended during the challenge period will count as TWO classes toward your 30! Check out our workshops!

Can I use my existing class package? Yes! If you have a class package that you’d like to use for the challenge you can do that. However if you purchased three 10 class packs that would bring you to $450 just to complete the challenge! By signing up for the $175 Challenge you are saving serious $$ and get 30 classes.

Are there prizes? YES! The real prize is the transformation you see in yourself. However, we also like giving gifts. We’ll have a raffle at the end for anyone who completes the challenge. Prizes will include a free month of yoga, MYS swag and more!

When will I know if I won? You will be notified by email by September 1st if you win a prize and will have until September 15th to pick up your prize.

Why should I participate in a yoga challenge? Summer is full of so many awesome activities that it’s easy to put your yoga on the back-burner. We challenge you to maintain (or begin) your practice in the summer to help keep you balanced! Yoga can be instrumental in preventing injury (or recovering from!), keeping you strong, and keeping you flexible. You’ll thank us when you’re going on your runs, bike rides, hikes and all of the other summer activities!

What’s my next step? Take a deep breath, tell yourself you’re accepting the challenge, and sign up at the front desk or online (you can sign up even after the challenge has begun!). If you’re a member, we’ll take down your name. If you’re not, then you can purchase the $175 challenge and enjoy the next two months of classes!

Is it safe to practice hot yoga in the summer? Absolutely! The biggest concern with hot yoga is always getting enough fluids to prevent dehydration- and this goes for the Winter, too. Supplement with electrolytes if you need to, or check out our blog post on the importance of hydration.

Do you have any additional questions? See the front desk, or send us an email!



“If it doesn’t challenge you, it doesn’t change you.”