Spring Yoga Challenge

20 Classes | 30 Days


What’s the challenge? 20 Classes in 30 Days + one of each element: (1 Fire, 1 Flow, 1 Earth, 1 Water, 1 Wind OR Roots, + 1 Complementary class (Pilates or Qigong).

What are the dates? Thursday, March 19th (the Spring Equinox!) – Friday, April 17th.


  • Detox!
    The Spring Equinox is a great time to cleanse and rejuvenate the body for health and well-being. Movement is one of the most efficient ways to help your body cleanse, but if you’re looking for additional support Vonni will be offering consultations to Spring Challenge participants to take your challenge to the next level (see Thrive information below)!
  • Get yourself back to your yoga practice:
    maybe the holidays, a winter cold, or Coronavirus has thrown you off your game and you’re feeling a little blah. Maybe you’re getting to the studio, but not as much as you’d like. Get back to your yoga practice and your mind and body will thank you!
  • Deepen your practice:
    a consistent yoga practice allows you to be more mindful both on and off the mat. Committing to a challenge allows you to explore and deepen your yoga practice. You’ll probably take classes that you’ve never taken before, try new postures, and learn things about yourself!
  • Accomplish a yoga goal:
    whether your goal is a more advanced posture, attending more consistently, being more mindful, etc. it is easier when you know you have the full yoga community supporting you! Mountain Yoga teachers and staff LOVE talking about yoga. Let us know what your goals are so we can help!
  • Challenge yourself:
    the most important competition to have is the one with yourself to be better. Use the challenge as a way to check in and challenge yourself!

Plus, there’s prizes!

Grand Prize- 1 month of Unlimited Yoga for you or a friend + 1 32oz Hydroflask +
1 60 Minute Massage with Vonni Tomlinson, our in-house massage therapist

1st Runner up- $50 Mountain Bucks to use towards yoga or retail +
$50 off an Initial Nutrition Consultation with Vonni Tomlinson

2nd Runner Up- $20 Mountain Bucks to use towards yoga or retail


Who can participate? Anyone who attends Mountain Yoga! New and experienced challenge yogis are all welcome and you don’t have to be a member!

How much does it cost to participate? Students on a monthly or annual membership are eligible to participate for free! Students without existing packages, or who are on a class package have the option of purchasing the $99 Spring Yoga Challenge ($175 value) which includes unlimited classes 3/19-4/17.

What if I’m on the Intro (first 30 days of Unlimited)? We’re excited that you’re going to participate! If you’re on the Intro then you can either sign up for membership and that will cover your challenge, or you can purchase the challenge membership for entry into the final prize drawing.

What about Workshops? They count as TWO classes! Check out our Elements 101 Workshop on April 4th to learn more about Prone Backbends or our other workshops!

What’s my next step? Sign up at the front desk or online (you can sign up even after the challenge has begun!). If you’re a member, we’ll take down your name. If you’re not, then you can purchase the $99 challenge and enjoy the next 30 days of classes! In order to have entry into the prize drawing you must be signed into the challenge roster, AND be a Mountain Member or on the Challenge Membership.

Do you have any additional questions? See the front desk, or send us an email!

Sign up today!


Not a member? Purchase the $99 no-commitment Spring Challenge and get 30 days of Unlimited Yoga!



Interested in further assistance in detoxing?


A 5-week Repair and Detox

*price is without supplements
Supplemental support is recommended for full benefits but not required.**
Includes 5 weeks of Gut Repair and Regeneration
14 days of pure gut restoration
21 days deep detoxing, elimination and release
1 kick off consultation with Vonni to determine the correct supplemental support for you
2 quick check-ins with Vonni to monitor progress and keep you accountable
5-weekly emails packed with information to educate, guide, and assess your progress.
**the discounted price of the supplemental support is an additional $215 with your 30% discount. Includes gut restoring nutrients, liver detox support, antimicrobials, antifungals, anti-parasitics, and probiotics.
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