yoga for life.


  • Lower Stress
  • Improved Focus
  • Relax the Nervous System
  • Better Sleep
  • Connection to Self

Yoga Nidra with Kari Schein

Join Mountain Yoga as we bring you a new meditation or Yoga Nidra for the week.
Take just 20-30 minutes for this life changing self-care practice.

Among the many benefits of Yoga Nidra, deep breathing and systematic muscle relaxation help to calm your parasympathetic nervous system, thereby promoting stress relief and rejuvenation.  Join Kari this week as she guides you through a Nidra meditation with a bonus beach visualization, bringing you deeper into your awakened rest.

We recommend making yourself comfortable and choosing a quiet space if possible. You are encouraged to get comfortable with a bolster or pillow behind your knees and behind your head. Get cozy and enjoy!

Yoga for Life.