Jenny Salerno

Jennifer first discovered yoga at the age of 17.  Unaware initially what an impact this course would have on her life and the lives of others, Jennifer immediately felt a draw to the practice and a spark inside.  Her journey with yoga didn’t fully set in until she took the jump into Yoga Teacher Training. This jump was to deepen her understanding of yoga and begin to know herself fully.  During the training a spark went off and she awakened and knew then and there her purpose was to share this awakening with everyone she encountered.  Her path in facilitating yoga in a studio began loving every moment.  She was encouraged when her students started telling her how her courses were helping them be happier, feel free and move through struggles she knew that was only the beginning.  

Jennifer believes that in order to begin your journey of awakening your true self, you must push through the struggle, be brave, and look inside.  Yoga is a safe space to be with yourself with no judgement, no expectations and begin to experience your liberation. Free to express yourself through movement, to feel raw emotions, and cultivate a relationship between the body, mind, soul. Her passion and love for yoga is felt in every session. She loves that she is able to share her passion at Reset and Renew retreats, or in a class setting, private sessions, workshops, through facilitating yoga teacher training programs. Jennifer is 500 E-RYT/IAYT recognized by Yoga Alliance and International Association Yoga Therapy.  She is always a student striving to learn more and bring it to life sharing with everyone who enters her space.  She loves studying both the eastern and western philosophies of the mind and using this to deepen the experience of yoga and further gain understanding of oneself. “Yoga is an amazing tool to guide you on your path to awaken the greatest version of you Go beyond your mat and find your liberation!”