Joi Straaten

Joi did her first Viparita Karani pose at age 13, and then didn’t practice again until she was in her late 20’s, to help with infertility issues. (apparently it worked – she now has 3 darling daughters!) Through the years as her practice evolved, it became her ‘Calgon moment’ – (if you were born after 1980, you may not get that reference!). She wanted to share her love of yoga with others, and trained through Centered City Yoga’s 600-hour certification.

Joi teaches a playful and vigorous vinyasa flow class with a dash of lighthearted humor. She encourages her students to step outside their comfort zone, but to listen to their own bodies, modifying poses when necessary. Focused, challenging and fun, Joi’s classes are appropriate for any level practitioner.

In addition to Vinyasa, Joi teaches Restore Yoga, Pre/Post-natal & Yoga as a P.E. credit at a local high school.

Joi doesn’t have one “guru”, but enjoys taking classes and learning from a variety of teachers in many different styles. She has attended several other master workshops with amazing teachers including Mitchel Bleier, Rolf Gates, Christy Burnett Simon Park & Tiffany Cruikshank.

Joi loves how yoga gradually develops into a lifestyle – a way of being that generates greater connectedness and contentment. She believes that we can take what we learn on the mat and apply these lessons to our everyday life – creating more connection, compassion and balance with the world around us.

When she’s not on the mat, she can be found dabbling with the other things she loves – reading, hiking, cooking/baking, practicing Transcendental Meditation, training for her black belt in Shotokan Karate, watching cheesy B-rated sci-fi movies, and being a wife & Mama to her 3 darling daughters.

Come to one of her classes, bring a good attitude & be ready to have some FUN!