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$29 for Unlimited Yoga For Your First 30 Days

Experience all 5 Elemental Yoga Classes with our New Student Special.  Come as often as you can so that you can begin to see the true benefits of Yoga.  Childcare is available.

Your 30 Days begins upon first visit.  1st time Utah locals.

We Built This Place For You

We want to make Yoga accessible and affordable to everyone.  Mountain Yoga Sandy offers memberships and packages designed to keep you on the mat because consistent practice is the method for true progress.  We offer a variety of classes based around the 5 Elements. The Mountain Yoga System is a comprehensive system of 5 Elemental yoga classes designed and inspired by our over 12 years as a studio,  35 years of practice and 29 years of teaching yoga classes.

You Belong at Mountain Yoga Sandy

Whether you are a first time yogi or a long time practitioner the 5 Elemental classes; Earth, Fire, Wind, Flow and Water classes will provide you strength, flexibility and mental clarity. They are all designed to be accessible and effective for everyone. The variety of classes gives practitioners different options to suit their experience, schedule, and mood while still working together as a whole system.  Show up to any class anytime and you will experience the same great Mountain Yoga experience that our studio has built our reputation upon.

[lvca_testimonials per_line=”1″][lvca_testimonial author=”Coolest Place” credentials=”Lucy Partridge”]The coolest studio for hot yoga. (also room temperature classes.). In only two classes a week, my aches and pains are erased, my stress is eased and my soul is nurtured. The heat feels luscious and detoxing, while the instructors are experts. The atmosphere is upbeat, calm, and steadfast. Mountain Yoga is simply the best studio there is.[/lvca_testimonial][/lvca_testimonials]

Just Visiting Town?

We've got a deal just for you!

Get one week of Unlimited Yoga, Barre, and More for Just $50

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