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Vonni Tomlinson

Hi, I’m Vonni, I’m a functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, GAPS Practitioner, and Licensed Massage Therapist. I am passionate about providing people with the tools to transform their lives through food, lifestyle, and structural changes. A bit of a nutrition and structural detective, my goal is to discover the root cause of your complaints, not just address the symptoms.

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Nutritional Consultation
and Programs

“No one size fits all” approach

Plant-Based | Ketogenic
Low Carb Paleo | GAPS | Detox
Functional Lab Testing | Food Sensitivities
Comprehensive Health Assessments

$190 Initial Consultation
$100 per hour
$50 per 30 minutes

Nutritional Therapy can help you experience increased energy
improved brain function, and stabilized moods, more happiness
confidence, and increased physical performance.

Massage Therapy
and Structural Bodywork

Massage Therapy | Deep Tissue Massage | Visceral Massage
Therapeutic Relaxing Massage | Detoxifying Lymph Drainage

Structural Integration | BioSync | Deep Tissue Body Work

$85 per hour
$125 per 90 minutes
$165 per two hours

Combining bodywork techniques can help facilitate lasting
change by decreasing pain and inflammation, increasing energy
and circulation, improving balance, coordination, and flexibility,
boosting proper detoxing, and relaxing the nervous system.

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