Motivate your practice with our NEW Mountain Rewards Program

Mountain Yoga Sandy has partnered with Perkville to provide our students with reward points for activities online, and in the studio. After you attend class, you’ll receive an email with instructions on how to enroll. After the initial enrollment, you’re all set to start earning points! This program will reward YOU for your dedication to your yoga practice and your dedication to Mountain Yoga.


*Mountain Yoga reserves the right to adjust points or rewards at any time

Earning points is easy!

  • Earn 2 points automatically when you attend a class!
  • Earn 2 points when you check in to Mountain Yoga on Facebook!
  • Earn 2 points when you follow us on Facebook! *
  • Earn 2 points when you tweet about Mountain Yoga!*
  • Earn 15 points when you attend a workshop at Mountain Yoga!
  • Earn 25 points when it is your Birthday!
  • Earn 50 points when you sign up for our Mountain Rewards Program!
  • Earn 75 points when you write a review about us on Yelp, Facebook, or Google!***
  • Earn 100 points when you become a Mountain Member and sign up for auto pay!
  • Earn 150 points when you refer a friend to Mountain Yoga!**
  • Earn 300 points when you purchase an annual membership!

*Facebook posts, Tweets and follow requests will only give you points if they are sent through Perkville’s site. Log-in, write, submit and earn points!

** Friend referrals can be done through your Mountain Rewards Log in or you when your friend writes on their registration card that they were referred by you. Either way, to get points for your referral you must first have a signed up for  our Mountain Rewards Program and your friend has to purchase a class.

***After writing a review on a Yelp, Facebook, or Google, be sure to send an email to with the link and name of your review so we can apply your points!

What is Perkville?

Perkville is a 3rd party company that integrates with our system to create our Rewards Program! It’s a fun and easy way to earn great perks.

How do I get started?

Create an account  by REGISTERING HERE. Make sure to use the same email account that you signed up with at our studio.

How much does the Rewards Program cost?

Our Mountain Rewards Program is free for users!

What do I say when I post to Facebook or Twitter?

Share your practice! Tell your friends what you love about yoga and how it makes you feel. Share your experience, it can be anything. Be sure to make your posts and tweets through the Perkville site for them to be eligible for points!

How do I refer a friend?

Log into your Perkville account and follow the prompts for referring a friend. Through the Perkville website, you can refer individual friends, or use your address book and refer lots of friends. It is easy. Or, invite your friend to go with you to the studio for a class. When they fill out the New Student Registration Card, if they put your name as their referral you will get the credit. Remember you don’t get credit unless your friend actually takes a class at MYS, so it is best to just bring them with you.

How will I know when I have earned points?

When you come to our studio, our system will inform Perkville of when you’ve earned points. You’ll receive an email from Perkville each time you earn points. You can also easily track your points on Perkville’s website for earnings from things such as facebook posts.

How do I redeem my Mountain Rewards points?

It’s easy! Just sign-in to, go to the Mountain Yoga section on your homepage and click “Redeem Now!” in the upper right-hand corner of the page. From there, print out your voucher or bring/show the certificate on your phone at the studio and we’ll put the reward on your account! You can always find your vouchers later under the “Perks” tab on the top of your Perkville homepage.

Can I gift my Mountain Rewards points to someone else?

Sorry, Mountain Reward points are non transferable. You can, however, purchase something with your points and gift the voucher to a friend.

Redeeming Mountain Reward points for FREE stuff at the studio!

50 points –  Free mat or towel rental
100 points – Free MYS sticker
250 points – 1 free coconut water
400 points – 30% off any Mountain Yoga logo apparel purchase
500 points – 1 free intro month to give to a friend. (Valid for new student to MYS or student who has not been to class in the past 6 months.)
600 points – $5 off any $50 or more merchandise purchase
750 points – free 10 class pack for you or a friend
1000 points – 1 free month of unlimited yoga