Jackie and Alex Wheeler met playing in the Wasatch mountains 17 + years ago and to this day continue to do so with their two little ones, Boone and Catalina.   Jackie and Alex were instrumental in bringing Bikram “Hot” Yoga to Utah when they opened their yoga studio in 2003 which has evolved into Mountain Yoga offering the Mountain Yoga System of 5 Elemental classes.  Over the years Jackie and Alex have learned and found inspiration from a variety of teachers to include; Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury, Dharma Mitra, John Friend, Baron Baptiste, Ana Forest and Bel and Emily Carpenter of Vimana Yoga.  Beginning in 2006 Jackie and Alex began working with Tony Sanchez a world reknown Hatha yoga teacher within the Ghosh Yoga lineage. Tony has inspired them both in so many ways to be better teachers, practitioners and studio owners. In a addition to finding guidance via mentors Jackie and Alex have grown their understanding through personal study of the history of yoga and modern anatomy and physiology.  Alex has worked extensively with acupuncturists, physical therapists, doctors, osteopaths and massage therapists to help him in his body and mind.  Continued practice and teaching through different stages of life to include pregnancy, injuries and more has shaped their sustainable approach to hatha yoga. It was this committed and combined experience that has led them to create the 5 Elemental classes of the Mountain Yoga System.

When we first conceived the idea of opening a yoga studio here in the Salt Lake Valley now over 13 years ago, we envisioned a sanctuary in Sandy where all peoples from all backgrounds would come together to discover and deepen their yoga practice. Yoga by definition means to unify, the process of seeking self awareness and connectedness to all things universal. We desired to create a space where the walls of society crumbled in the presence of the human spirit. We knew there would be challenges ahead of us. As the first Yoga Studio in the South Valley, our initial job was primarily education and developing awareness of hatha yoga. Now thirteen plus years later our intention and vision has flourished like a lotus flower. We know in our hearts that it is our intention and all of you that gives us the determination to persevere into the future.

After teaching dozens of teachers and thousands of students over many years we knew we needed to offer a more comprehensive approach to the Ghosh yoga lineage. We wanted to offer our existing and potential student base a balanced system of classes that embraced our Bikram roots while integrated all that yoga has to offer. We wanted to provide students and teachers alike a space to let go of dogmatic approaches that often do not serve us and to embrace a more modern and relevant approach to this age old practice of yoga. 

                                                                                                Be Brave and Lead the Way