Mountain Yoga’s Official Class Expiration Policy (as of 1/1/17)

In an effort to best serve our entire yoga community and to provide you with the most consistent service please review our class expiration policy below.

Before you purchase your yoga class package, please take a moment to consider how often you will need to come to class to utilize all of the classes purchased:

  • 5 Class Pack (expires 6 months from date of purchase)

  • 10 Class Pack (expires 6 months from date of purchase)

If you will not be able to use up the class pack before it expires based on the above information, then please consider not buying the pass.

Expiration Extension Policy Options:

  1. As a courtesy we can extend any FULL priced package for an additional 2 weeks beyond the regular expiration date. (Extension can be made at studio by desk staff.)
  2. If 2 weeks is not enough time: Clients may receive a total of 60 days from the original expiration on their “full price” & “special deal” class packages by paying the difference between their reduced package class rate, and the standard drop in rate ($20). Ex: If you have 3 classes left on a 10 class package it will cost you $15 ($5 per class) to get 60 days added to your expiration. (10 class pack costs $150. 150/10 = $15 per class. Regular drop in rate of $20-$15= $5. This brings the average price you paid per class to $16.50, which is slightly more than the $15 you initially paid, but a less than the drop in rate of $20 & gives you an additional 60 days to use the classes.)

    To purchase your extension please follow these steps:

    Email with extension request. You will receive an automatic reply with steps to follow to purchase your class pack extension.

    Only 1 extension may be purchased per class package.

    Class package extensions may ONLY be purchased through the above process.

In the event of a medical complication, injury, or emergency…

We will provide automatic extensions without extra cost (determined on an individual basis) only if you email while your class package is still active with a doctor’s note explaining the injury. MYS may agree to FREEZE Memberships and Class Packs for extenuation circumstances, including but not limited to:broken bones, pregnancy and hospitalization. Once the membership or class pack has expired, we will not extend the time on your card or the time on your membership. MYS reserves the right to delete any unused classes after their expiration date. We do not give extensions for “running out of time”. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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