Mountain Yoga’s Summer Bingo Challenge

Connect and have fun with us during the last weeks of summer!

August 1st- August 21st


Bingo Yoga Challenge FAQ

What’s the challenge? Grab a bingo card and fill the rows! For every row that you complete, you get an entry into the final prizes raffle (5 extra entries max). Blackout the entire card and get entered to win a free month of yoga!
There is NO minimum classes to complete. Just the bingo card! You get to decide how often you attend!

Grab a bingo card at the studio!

What are the dates? Thursday, August 1st – Wednesday, August 21st.

Why should I participate in a yoga challenge?

  • Bring yourself back to your yoga practice:
    with all of the other activities that summer brings it can be easy to put your studio yoga practice on the back-burner. For most of us, showing up is half of the battle! A yoga challenge help you show up for your practice and for yourself. In addition, summer activities like biking, hiking, and boating can be hard on the body, so your body will thank you for practicing!
  • Deepen your practice:
    a consistent yoga practice allows you to be more mindful both on and off the mat. Committing to a challenge allows you to explore and deepen your yoga practice. You’ll probably take classes that you’ve never taken before, try new postures, and meet more of your fellow yogis.
  • Accomplish a yoga goal:
    whether your goal is a more advanced posture, attending more consistently, being more mindful, etc. it is easier when you know you have the full yoga community supporting you! Mountain Yoga teachers and staff LOVE talking about yoga. Let us know what your goals are so we can help!
  • Challenge yourself:
    the most important competition to have is the one with yourself. Use the summer challenge as a way to check in and challenge yourself!

Who can participate? Anyone! New and experienced challenge yogis are all welcome and you DO NOT have to be a member! Whether you’ve practiced for a decade or a day you can participate in a yoga challenge- and you’re sure to see benefits either way!

How much does it cost to participate? Students on a monthly or annual membership are eligible to participate for free! Students without existing packages, or who are on a class package have the option of purchasing the $75 Summer Challenge Special ($130 value) which includes unlimited classes August 1-21st.

What if I’m on the Intro (first 30 days of Unlimited)? Awesome! We’re excited you want to participate in a challenge! If you’re on the Intro then you can either sign up for membership and that will cover your challenge, or you can purchase the challenge membership for entry. In order to be eligible for prizes you must be a member, or purchase the challenge membership.

Are there prizes? YES! The real prize is the transformation you see in yourself. However, we also like giving gifts. We’ll raffle off an assortment of studio goodies and yoga accessories!

When will I know if I won? Watch our Instagram and Facebook to see the winners! We’ll send out an email to anyone who wins a prize, and they’ll have until September 1st to pick up their gear.

What’s my next step? Take a deep breath, tell yourself you’re accepting the challenge, and sign up at the front desk or online (you can sign up even after the challenge has begun!). If you’re a member, we’ll take down your name. If you’re not, then you can purchase the $75 challenge and enjoy the three weeks of classes! In order to have entry into the raffle, you must be signed into the challenge roster, AND be a Mountain Member or on the Challenge Membership.

Do you have any additional questions? See the front desk, or send us an email!