Alex WheelerOwner/Teacher

Alex Wheeler

Alex began dabbling in hatha yoga in the late 90’s but was always too busy skiing, climbing, running and biking to commit to a regular practice. In 2000, while on an extended road trip with Jackie, he experienced his first Bikram Method Yoga class in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Yes, that’s right. Jackie convinced Alex to drive from Salt Lake City to Cabo to take a yoga class with her first Bikram Method Yoga teacher.

Alex intuitively knew this trip was about more than taking a yoga class. At the time he had no idea how powerful of a path yoga could be to a deeper understanding of ones
elf. Slowly but surely Alex began a more regular yoga practice. He started to feel healthier and to understand more deeply the benefits of a consistent practice.

Following a major ski accident in 2001 he wholeheartedly jumped into his yoga practice. “I had no choice, two knee surgeries later all my activities had come to a halt. I decided it was time to slow down and learn more about yoga.” Due to his injuries, Alex’s practice was limited to the use of a chair. Committed to healing, with patience and through regular practice, his knee healed and his understanding of yoga – and himself – grew.
In 2003 Alex graduated from Bikram’s 500+ hour, 9-week yoga teacher training and soon thereafter opened Mountain Yoga Sandy (formerly Bikram Yoga Sandy) with his now wife, Jackie.

Alex has had extensive yoga asana training with Bikram and Rajashree Choudhury as well as Tony Sanchez and many others. In addition Alex is always reading about all yoga and has taken yoga anatomy classes to better help him understand this great practice called Yoga.

In 2006 Alex began learning more about the Ghosh yoga lineage from Tony Sanchez. “Tony’s approach is intelligent and sustainable and offers tremendous insight to this great lineage
.” Alex attended Tony’s first yoga teacher training in 2012 and continues to work with him often.

Using the experiences of healing from physical injuries, Alex continues to learn daily about the process of healing through yoga and is committed to becoming a better yoga teacher as he explores the ultimate intention of self understanding. He believes experienced teachers are a must for students and their growth but one must ultimately find the answers from within. “Continued practice is where I learn the most, whether in asana, or stillness, the journey never ends.”

When not at the studio growing his teaching and practice you can find Alex playing in the mountains with his wife, Jackie and their son, Boone and daughter Catalina. Or fishing in a nearby river.