Jen FolkmanManager/Teacher

Jen Featherstone

Jen Folkman has been an integral part of Mountain Yoga since 2007. She is currently the Studio Manager has been teaching yoga for almost 3 years. Her initial training was Master Core with Tony Sanchez in 2013. She has since completed additional training’s, becoming certified with Bel and Emily Carpenter in Vimana Beginning Yoga, Vimana Fusion Yoga and Next Generation Kids Yoga. Jen has worked one-on-one with Alex and Jackie, the owners of Mountain Yoga and absorbed a wealth of knowledge through them. She has a true passion for her yoga practice and loves learning, growing and sharing her knowledge and experience with all.  When not at the studio Jen spends most of her time with her 2 girls doing girl scouts, art nights, family yoga, playing in the great outdoors exploring, living and loving life.