Kaitlyn Campbell

    My name is Kaitlyn! I love sharing Yoga with all people. In 2009 I started to practice yoga and thought I was there to just get a workout and stretch. Here’s what I found by the end of my first class: My body felt soothed, my mind felt still, my heart was full and I didn’t ever stop revisiting it. I started volunteer teaching in 2011 from self-study but I had to learn more…the next year I got certified through Yogafit and learned so much about alignment and how to prepare a proper class. I continued to teach in Virginia, my home state, but I wanted to deepen my knowledge of Yoga. Once I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Physiology in 2015 I decided it was time so I traveled to Bali, Indonesia where I participated in a 200-hr, intensive study of yoga through High Vibe Yoga. I was trained in Hatha yoga and have refinements in meditation, breath, postures, subtle energy, and the philosophy of yoga.

    This training changed my life. I want to share moments of intentional movement, turning inward, and finding peace with my students. This way we can walk gently through life (which is where the real practice of yoga begins).
    I’d love to help you explore yoga and what it will mean for you. See you at my next session!
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