Marc Linton

    Marc LintonMarc began practicing Bikram Yoga in 2006 after years of conventional physical and drug therapies did not alleviate the painful, daily muscle spasms in his back. Having had a severe motorcycle accident in 2002. he was left with multiple injuries, including compressed vertebrae, soft tissue damage throughout his body, and a fractured scull and Traumatic Brain Injury. “I was dealing with an extremely severe post-concussive syndrome that was manifesting in severe depression, anxiety, insomnia, memory & socialization issues. I came to yoga for my back pain, but I found it healing all of the issues I was dealing with including the brain injury.”

    “My memory improved, depression lifted and about six months into practice, I was out of pain and decided I needed to teach this yoga. I remember thinking “How do people not know this?”” Almost exactly two years after he began his practice, and as he continued to heal he was granted a full scholarship, and attended teacher training with Bikram in he fall of 2008. Upon returning from teacher training, Marc began teaching at Bikram yoga Sandy, and subsequently took on teaching at, and managing the Bikram Ogden studio for the summer, returning to teaching full time in Sandy that fall.

    “I tell people that If someone would have said to me 10 years ago that I was going to be a yoga teacher I would have laughed . . . but here I am. I teach it because it works. I teach it because it gave me my life back.” Marc enjoys Boarding (snow, wake, and surf), Cycling (road and mountain), rock climbing, hiking, backpacking, mixing underground dance music, and generally having a good time. “Don’t be afraid of dying. Be afraid of not living

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