Maria Megnia
    I started yoga at the young age of 16 to heal things inside my body that traditional medicine could not.  I continued to practice on and off over the years, but eventually lost my practice as I made my life a bit too busy, a bit too serious.  I was brought up in a part of the country with very narrow views on how to live life and tried to force to be something that made other people happy, but ultimately left me very sad, lost and confused.  I honestly didn’t know why I wasn’t happy. But I was on the verge of a mental breakdown. My health was suffering and I walked around with a lot of sorrow, with no idea of the source, or how to fix it.  Until I discovered my mat again.  I came back to my mat around the age of 25, not just to heal my body, but also to heal my mind.
    It was on my mat, that I really started to get acquainted with who I was.  I started to realize I was capable of anything I put my mind to, and I really started to discover my freedom of expression.   My yoga mat was the most powerful conduit of change in my life. I started to play with poses, and with thoughts in a place that was safe.  And then I started to take my yoga off my mat and was blown away from how my life changed. I was no longer that sad lost girl, unsure of the source of her misery. I really started to find myself and carve out a life that was uniquely mine.  I reached a level of happiness and joy that I could never have imagined.  And in finding myself, I realized it was my duty to share my stories and my love of yoga with others.
    Several years back I started official teacher training. I had been teaching yoga for a few years before this, but I full emerged myself in the world of teaching in the middle of messy divorce back in 2016.  From then, I have been teaching very heavily pulling on a wide array of influences and backgrounds.  This is where the real magic of yoga started to show up in my life.  Being able to work with my students, I have learned so much through watching them move their bodies and do their deep work.  The stories that we share, the community that we are building, the collective healing that we are doing.  While my sweet spot is teaching a powerful style of vinyasa yoga, helping students discover their strength and their true selves on their mats, I also love teaching in various other styles.  Acro yoga is something that is a passion of mine.  Not because I am good at it. But because I love the team effort and creativity it takes to build some of the poses.  I have various different charities and causes I support.  So you can often catch me leading a monthly 108 where the full proceeds to do a local charity, helping take the work we are doing in the studio, and giving back to the community.
    I personally believe that through healing ourselves in yoga, we can heal our communities and even the world.  Yoga means union.  Not just of our body, mind and spirit. But of getting back into union with nature and the entire world.  The world needs yoga now more than ever.  And I firmly believe that once you take your yoga off your mat, not only will you transform your life, you will transform the world for the better.
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