Mary Cain

    Raised the middle of seven children, my journey has always been collaborative, striving to serve the greater good without losing connection without losing connection with my essential nature and life purpose. My parents were deeply dedicated to supporting our growth and thriving, intellectually and spiritually, leaving us the legacy of trust in our own vision and choices. This basis of trust has been a tremendous launching pad.

    I was introduced to yoga by my father at 15. My formal studies started with a BA in Experiential Education. I learned French by immersion living in the Alps, and Spanish in Ecuador with my partner and two children. While raising my family I earned full certification as a Ski Instructor and a license in Massage THerapy. Once my nest was empty, I pursued a life-long dream and went to India to study and do Karma Yoga at the Satyananda ashram in Rikki Peeth. This gave me a vital glimpse into the limitless potential life has to offer.

    Upon returning from my travels in South East Asia, I did a master’s in psychology while teaching at an international university in Switzerland. My research focus was on Prana Yama, and Meditation as remedies for stress. This let me to Salt Lake City where I found employ at the community college training yoga teachers and teaching Meditation, teachers and teaching Meditation, Stress Management and Yoga. I have private wellness practice that includes massage, aquatic bodywork, yoga therapy and instruction in my home studio. I continue to study ParaYoga with Mary Johnston-Coursey and Rod Stryker enjoying the support of a living lineage. I am full of awe at the beauty that continues to unfold in my life. When I see the seeds of this wisdom tradition at work in my students, I celebrate my good fortune to do work that helps me and my public find more fulfillment, joy and ease.