Meryl Biksacky

    Meryl BiksachyMeryl found herself at the Bikram Yoga SLC studio shortly after making a life changing decision to move back to Salt Lake after attending college and living in Chicago, her hometown, for nearly 5 years. In the first few minutes before class on that fateful April day in 2005, she wondered how people could possibly tolerate this heat…..and then class began and she realized that you were expected to move in it! As one hour came and went, she looked up in desperation at the clock, not realizing that the class was actually 90 minutes long—she had come ill-prepared mentally. She did not manage to stay in the room the entire time for her first class and afterwards wondered if she would ever step foot in Bikram’s torture chamber again. After some positive encouragement from the teacher that night, Meryl would come again and has continued to maintain a steady practice over the years. She knew after those first few months that one day she would teach this yoga.In the fall of 2008, after saving her pennies for a few years while working in the biotech industry, she bid adieu to her lab position and immersed herself completely in the intense and invaluable experience that is Bikram Yoga Teacher Training. Words cannot describe what this yoga has taught and continues to teach her about her Self, her fellow humans, and the relationships that bind us together. The least she can do is attempt to offer this awakening of consciousness to her students by leading them through their own 90 minute moving meditation. Catch a class with her and soak up all the accompanying dizziness, nausea, and pure, utter bliss!

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