Paige BlakeDesk Staff
    In her hometown of San Diego, California, Paige Blake first started practicing yoga around the age of 15 with friends in a high school yoga class.  After moving to Sacramento for college, she discovered Leap, a yoga studio she would become very connected with over the course of a year.  This was her first “real” yoga experience. Needless to say, it was love at first breath! The entire trajectory of life changed – because she simply said YES! Soon after, she added Yin Yoga to her ‘Yoga portfolio’ and fell more in love with the practice.
    Though having had a wide variety of physical activity throughout life including ballet and snowboarding, nothing spoke passionately to her the way yoga has. After finding yoga she felt as if she had just truly learned how to breathe. Yoga offers an outlet for removing stagnant energy, opening the heart and finding balance. It is a time to play, to let go, to get messy, to capture glimpses of the soul and to be FREE!
    Continuing further in the journey she became RYT certified through Yoga Alliance upon completion of her first 200-hour training in Vinyasa flow. Shortly after, she went through another 200 hour YTT for Yin Yoga, both training’s with Leap Yoga.

    She is inspired by the teachings of Yogi Bhajan, the rhythms of the universe, mother nature and LOVE. Her goal as a teacher is to empower students and support them through finding their freedom through yoga in a loving, safe and nurturing space.

    When not teaching, she keeps busy working at an Acupuncture clinic and going to school for both Music and Veterinary Technology.  She is a devoted yoga student that enjoys exploring the world, nature and the outdoors, creating, having new experiences and always saying YES to life.