Terry Bateman

    Terry began practicing yoga in 2005. From the very first class Terry found her love for yoga. The first initial benefit she discovered was that yoga gave her a deeper sleep throughout the night. With this benefit she was sold to continue practicing yoga. Through the years of practice Terry made the decision to become an instructor. She completed the 200 Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) and with that a stronger and deeper passion for yoga evolved from becoming an instructor “teaching others to find the love for yoga is such an amazing reward”.

    Terry’s love for teaching restore came to her after taking a restore class by accident. The feeling Terry left with after the restore class intrigued her about teaching others to feel this good. Restore, Rejuvenate, Renew and Reset are the words she chooses to use while teaching this practice. “To watch the reaction of my students while relaxing in a restorative practice, warms my heart, and creates a love to continue teaching. I love helping my students feel relaxed and guiding them on how to breathe through anything”. Terry loves how yoga gradually develops into a lifestyle. Yoga has a way of helping us remain calm, connected, and brings a greater appreciation to life. The goal is to take this feeling from the mat, and carry it with you into everyday life. Terry invites the student to listen to their bodies, use their breath, and love their yoga practice. Terry invites you to come in with an open mind and leave with a feeling of gratitude. Terry’s class is appropriate for every level of practice for each student.