As the effect of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to evolve, Mountain Yoga is firmly committed to the health and safety of our members and staff, and serving our community. We are closely monitoring the changing situation. As a small local business, this unforeseen event is hitting us very hard as we work hard to keep our staff and teachers taken care of. From the bottom of our hearts, we deeply appreciate your continued support and dedication to your yoga practice.

You Belong at Mountain Yoga Sandy


We have partnered with FitGrid (a fitness technology company) and Zoom (an online live-streaming service) to live-stream your favorite classes so that we can stay active and connected no matter where you’re practicing from! 

Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign into your MINDBODY account and ensure that your email address is correct, and that you’ve opted to receive emails from us.  (This step is imperative as your links for online classes will be emailed to the address we have on file associated with your account). Click on My Info, on Personal Info click edit and then check ALL boxes concerning email notifications and edit email if necessary.
  2. Go to your email and set to always arrive in your inbox and are never marked as spam. Here is a guide for how to do this in Gmail.
  3. Prior to your first class, download the Zoom app for desktop or mobile using the same email address. You can stream the class from a computer, laptop, iPad or smartphone. For the best experience, you’ll want to join us from a device with a video camera and microphone. You have the option to join class without video from your end if you prefer. We highly recommend sorting out your Zoom connection before class begins. Once you create an account. Click host a meeting with video on to test out all of the features in Zoom. Find where to mute and unmute yourself as where to turn your video on/off. Here is a video tutorial. (NOTE you will not be able to play with speaker/gallery view until you are in your first class. See FAQ below)
  4. View our class schedule online the same way you always do. You can also view our class schedule here
  5. Sign up for any VIRTUAL class before class start time and check out normally. You will receive a confirmation email from FitGrid soon after (NOTE this email does not have the link to join the class. If you sign up within 1 hour of class start time you will not receive the first confirmation email, only the email with the link).
  6. Once you are within 60 minutes of the class start time you will receive another email from FitGrid with a unique link to access the live stream class. NOTE: if you skipped step 2 you may need to check your spam or promotions folder. Look for subject lines containing the phrase “live-stream link”. 
  7. Make sure you are in a place with a good internet connection – otherwise the stream may skip!
  8. Click your unique link 5-10 min before class is scheduled to start. 

That’s all there is to it! Practice in the comfort and safety of your own home with your favorite teachers! It’s a privilege to be invited into your home and to practice with you. Thank you for staying active and being a part of our community. Looking forward to seeing you in class!


Do I need to pre-register?

Virtual classes require pre-registration in order for you to get the ZOOM link. You’ll have to sign up through our schedule on the website or on the app.

Sign up for any VIRTUAL class up to 7 days before, and 1 minute before class start time. You will receive a confirmation email from FitGrid (NOTE this email does not have the link to join the class.)

One hour before class start time you will receive the ZOOM link for the class. If you sign up within 1 hour of class start time you will not receive the first confirmation email, only the email with the link.

I'm not receiving emails!

Two things:

  1. Do you receive receipts? If not, your email may be incorrect in our system. Email to verify your correct email
  2. Do you receive newsletters? If not, you may not be signed up to receive our news/promos. Make sure to check your junk/ promo email folders.

To check your Mountain Yoga subscription preferences:

-Find a purchase receipt in your emails from Mountain Yoga Sandy go to the bottom and SET PREFERENCES






Make sure you’re receiving news and promos!

When I sign into a class on your app it asks me to pay even though I have a membership/class package?

Occasionally MindBody (the software we use) and our Branded app don’t sync. To remedy this:

  • Log into the mindbody app  hit profile, settings gear, then send account confirmation email.
  • Open your email, and open the confirmation email from mindbody.
  • Open the link in the email, find “search for business” and search for Mountain Yoga.
  • Enter your email address and password and click Sign In. 

THIS SHOULD SYNC YOUR ACCOUNTS and make the Mountain Yoga app work.

How do I view only the teacher during class?

On most computers/laptops/Ipads this feature is located in the top right corner. If you are on a mobile device you will swipe left or right to switch views. 

“Speaker” view allows you to view only the teacher (or before class when people are chatting you will see the person who is currently talking)  “Gallery” view will show little boxes with the other students in the class. We suggest before class to have it on gallery view to say hi and connect with your fellow yogi’s. When class starts switch to Speaker View so you can see just the teacher.

I don’t turn my video on because I don’t want to be seen/recorded?

You are not being recorded! The only person being recorded is the teacher. We are recording our classes for our On-Demand website that all of our Mountain Yoga Members will get access to. Leaving your video on is helpful for the teacher. While fellow students are watching the teacher, the teacher has their screen on Gallery View and they can see you practicing with them! We understand sometimes you may not want to be seen, or maybe your device does not have a video camera. No worries. We just encourage you to keep your video on if it is possible to add to the feeling of practicing as a community.

Can I ask questions during the practice/ will you give adjustments?

We encourage you to ask questions before or after class either with your microphone or the Zoom Chat. If you ask your question before class and you leave your video on during class our teachers may be able to make suggestions. Keep in mind that we are recording these classes for later viewing so we may not be able to stop class for adjustments.

What is the best browser to use for virtual classes?

Zoom works best when using the Chrome web browser if you are using your laptop and not the desktop app.

Can you help me with technical issues?

If you have had a difficult experience with your virtual class, please email Jen at so we can help you directly.

What should I do if my internet connection isn’t working well?

If your internet connection slows down during class, try turning off your video camera so you can still see the class, but the teacher and other people in class can’t see you. This helps decrease the load on your wifi connection.

What happens if my class feed suddenly stops?

It’s rare that this happens, but if it does, stay in the virtual classroom and the feed should resume once the problem is navigated by our host. If the virtual class ends early, go back to your email and click on the link to join the class again.

What should I do if I don’t have props?

We have blocks, mats, straps, and more available for purchase in the yoga studio. The studio is generally open before or after classes, or if you prefer a social distancing pick up or drop off email us at


Get creative! Use a blanket for a mat, use a pillow for a bolster, use a belt for a yoga strap, find a box or something square for a block.

Mountain Virtual Tips & Etiquette

Keep an open mind.

We know that virtual classes are not the same as being in the studio rooms (we take that as a compliment, as we work really hard to create a safe, beautiful space to practice!!) However, it is still really important to keep up your yoga practice.  A yoga practice is about expanding your mind and increasing your awareness. Keep an open mind and heart. You may find in the end that you learn something new!

Connect with your community!

Typically in the yoga rooms we discourage chatting, but in the ZOOM studio we encourage it before and after class! This is your chance to ask questions, or say hi to your friends! When the class begins we will mute everyone so that only the teacher is speaking.

Silence your phone.

That’s right- even at home we recommend turning your phone off / putting it away! Practice is about creating time and space to breathe and receive. In todays fast paced tech world we all need a few moments a day away from it all.

Mind your injuries.

Please know that we will do our best, but we will not always be able to see you. You are responsible for our own safety in your home when doing virtual classes.

How do I choose my first class (do you have classes for beginners?)?

All classes for Every Body– The 5 Elemental classes create a system from which you can choose your daily practice.  We recommend starting out with Earth,  Water, or Stretch.

Our recommendation is by no means the only way to start. You know your body best, you know your intention for coming to yoga and what works best with your schedule.  Most important is to make the time for yourself and come your mat.

How do I prepare for my first yoga class?

  • Dress appropriately.
  • Prepare your space.
  • Proper Hydration.
  • Limit Distractions.

What if I am pregnant?

Please as always check with your doctor before beginning a yoga practice.  Many of our staff, teachers and students have maintained a strong and consistent yoga practice through their pregnancy. We also know that each individual’s circumstances are different and need to be honored during this wonderful time of life. Please always let your teacher know that you are pregnant and ask about posture modifications that are available to you throughout your pregnancy.

I have another question you didn't cover...

No question that you may have is too small or too big for that matter to ask. If we have not answered your concern above please email us at

or give a call at 801-501-9642

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