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This package is for you if you want to do your yoga on your time, any time or place, or if you are looking to stick to your regular practice at home.

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  • Unlimited access to 100+ Yoga, Qigong, Meditation, and Barre Videos on Demand
  • Unlimited access to our live streaming yoga classes

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All Access Membership gets you just that – access to all our in-studio, streaming AND video on-demand classes.  Plus, you get perks like 10% off our retail products and discounts on workshops.

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Not ready for membership?  Dip your yoga toes in and try a virtual class out with our $10/class drop in rate.

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  • One fabulous virtual class at a terrific drop-in price.

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  • Unlimited access to Video on Demand Library
  • Over 100+ VOD Classes
  • Recurring monthly payment | No commitment*
  • *30 day notice cancellation

COVID has presented lots of challenges, but one positive thing that has come out of it is virtual yoga classes. These classes have really allowed me to start up a home practice and expand my yoga experience. Additionally, on-demand classes make it possible to take a class literally any time! If I’m having a stressful or more energetic moment, I can use an on-demand class to help re-center. Having the flexibility to take classes online at home has completely broadened my yoga practice, and given me the opportunity to branch out and take my practice into a more personal space. I am SO GRATEFUL to Mountain Yoga and all the amazing teachers there for helping me on this yoga journey ❤️

Prior to the pandemic, I was already so grateful to be part of a beautiful yoga family at Mountain Yoga Sandy. While I loved the variety of classes, and accommodating schedules, it was the open-hearted community of teachers, staff, and fellow practitioners that made me want to be there as often as possible. I could not have imagined how much things would change, as it did in March, with the orders to stay home. But thanks to MYS, how they quickly started up virtual classes and built up a library of on-demand classes, I found a way to maintain my practice, and more importantly, my connections to some of my favorite people. Even over zoom, the positivity and warmth shine through, and I have even been able to expand my practice learning from new teachers, and class offerings. While I continue to be physically separated, for now, I look forward to returning to this special place.

The virtual yoga and qigong classes have saved me both mentally and physically. Great choice of classes and instructors. Love seeing their smiling faces and those of my fellow yogis! It’s almost as good as being there!

My husband and I have been self-isolating with my 97-year-old Mom for over 5 months. I am still unable to attend classes in person. Thank you Mountain Yoga for continuing to offer virtual and on-demand classes for those of us at home.

The classes and the teachers are a God-send in these trying times. I appreciate them all more than words can say!

I love Mountain Yoga Sandy! I love the teachers and the community. The virtual classes are a real blessing for me. Without them, I would not be able to do yoga. I have to admit that my favorites are the on-demand classes! This option makes it possible for me to do yoga online whenever and however it works for me. I can choose the type of class AND the instructor and create a custom-made experience for myself each time I do yoga. I LOVE IT! I also love the live virtual classes- I can interact with the instructors and other students before and after class! The instructors can see and help us, just like in the studio. Mountain Yoga Sandy, You Rock!! Thank you for thinking outside the box and creating a community that truly does take care of the needs of everyone!

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