Mountain Yoga is a spacious 5000 square foot studio consisting of 2 studio rooms called the Big and Little Cottonwood rooms. Our Big Cottonwood studio is a climate controlled heated and humidified room offering you a well ventilated and dynamic space to practice a variety of classes.  The floor is a 0% VOC and partially recycled floor that is sealed and padded. The Little Cottonwood studio is a warm and inviting space where we offer our Flow, Water (restore), Barre, Qigong, Kids yoga, Cubs-childcare, workshops and more. The facility is fully equipped with men’s and women’s changing rooms with showers.  Our lobby is a spacious community area and decorated with custom made recycled furniture and retail displays. To help you in your practice we have yoga clothing and yoga accessories for sale. In addition to yoga we are thankful to have a massage therapist and acupuncturist who is here to help you heal from what ails you.  Mountain Yoga feels like home.

Mountain Yoga is proud to be powered by 100 % Solar Power through the Rocky Mountain Subscriber Solar Program.