• Dear Alex & Jackie, I enjoyed the gathering at the studio on Wednesday. I didn't speak up when people were giving their thanks to the two of you so I'm writing instead. To be honest I have a hard time putting into words what my yoga practice has done for me. I guess I started coming regularly with the thought of losing weight in mind. I have lost some weight (not much!), but what has happened to my body inside and out is absolutely amazing. The real bonus is what has happened in my mind! I have always been a very positive person but I'm even more so now. I just feel so emotionally satisfied. A co-worker asked me last week if I am EVER in a bad mood. I'm really not, so this got me thinking and I can't remember not feeling positive and upbeat about every part of my life. I think because this transformation happens gradually that I wasan't fully aware of how I felt until asked that question. My husband has commented over the last few months from time to time that he can't believe how happy inside and out I seem (he's jealous!). My daughter turned 13 this summer and has become a real "teenager", complete with the attitude many teens acquire. There is no doubt in my mind that I am responding to her change and dealing with her in a much more positive way because of my yoga practice. She is already pushing my buttons and testing her limits and I feel that yoga has given me emotional tools that are a tremendous help in dealing with her. So many times after we have a heated conversation I think to myself, "hey, you handled that really well"! I know this would not have been possible without yoga. As you know, I could go on and on about the positive changes my yoga practice has made happen in my life. I just want to say "thanks". You two are great, your studio is beautiful and peaceful. I'm so glad I found you and for once in my life I know I won't stop "exercising". It feels good to know that yoga will be a part of my life forever. Approaching "middle age" (eek!) knowing I have my yoga practice to help me through all that comes with aging (the good and the bad!) is really an awesome feeling. I'm really looking forward to the Sunday afternoon class at 4:30. That's a great way to end my weekend and re-focus for the upcoming week. Gratefully, - C. O

    C. O
  • Though I cannot be there as much as I would like, I am a true believer in Bikram and it's healing powers. I went out driving one afternoon when I had a sitter for my kids. I went with the intention of finding a space that would nuture my spirit and my grief as I went through this rough time. I stopped at a Karate studio, a dance studio and found your Bikram studio on my way home. The door was locked but I peered inside. Someone came and unlocked the door... a gentleman I have never seen again. I knew as soon as I walked into the studio that it was exactly what I was looking for. And since that time, I feel that you have both touched my soul deeply... supporting me, offering me a hug and sharing personal stories from you own lives. Though I cannot be there as much as I would like, I am a true believer in Bikram and it's healing powers. With in my body mind and soul, I am sorting through the death of three family members... more anguish than I have felt in my life thus far. A ninety minute session holds me for about two days. After leaving my practice there, I feel a sense of calm and clarity that I find no where else right now. You both have created a sanctuary... a peaceful place where myself and others can come to nuture themselves from the inside out. I appreciate your dedication and ultimately your faith in creating the Sandy studio. I know I have expressed this to you both, but if there is any way that you could create a 6:am class, I would be your best attendee. My life will change here in a few weeks and that is about the only time I could attend. I would love it if it worked out. Blessings to you both,

  • In Aug. 2002 I was involved in a serious motorcylce accident which resulted in, among other things, a frontal lobe injury, compression fractured vertebrae, and joint damage everywhere. In Sept. 2006 I had already done extensive physical therapy and was on a rotating regamine of anti inflammatories and muscle relaxors. I had been told that I probably wouln't get any better, and that I would have to learn to live with the pain and limitations. Frustrated with this, I took the advice of one of the doctors, who had had great success in helping his own back problems through Yoga. It's now been six months since I began my practic and I now only need to take an anti inflammatory on occasion, and am off of the muscle relaxors. Yoga has increased mobility and decreased pain in all of my damaged joints, and back, but I think the most amazing thing is how my memory and focus have improved, and not just the physical issues. In fact I quit smoking along the way as well, and It didn't even seem like I had to try. I eat healthier without trying, and am generally a lot more fun to be around...and I owe it all to Bikram... I'll be doing his yoga for the rest of my life!

    Marc L
  • In the Spring of 2004 I was diagnosed with breast cancer, after surgery and six months of chemo and radiation I knew I needed to start some kind of exercise.

    I had no idea what Bikram Yoga was but the Sandy studio was close to home so I stopped to get some information.Alex had just finished giving a class I thougt it seemed a little strange that he was dripping wet, but he was calm and smiling so I asked him a few questions and he explained that the yoga took place in a heated room and that people of all levels of fitness were in the classes. How bad could it be? While I was in my first class I couldn't decide if I was going to embarrass myself more by walking out or just passing out in the room. I stayed and didn't pass ou but at the end of class I walked into the dressing room buried my head in my towel and sobbed. Alice patted me on the back and told me 'd be ok "newbies all do this." I don't know why I came back for another class, I was so afraid sitting out in the parking lot but I kept thinking that I needed to learn to face fear head on and this was a place to start. My body seemed to be healing from the cancer treatment but I wasn't sure my mind ever would. When I walk into the hot room and the door closes behind me I'm able now, to leave all the "stuff" outside. I feel protected from my own fearful thoughts and I do "let it go." I felt so uncomfortable in the room and in the asanas in the beginning that turning my negative self talk off and concentration on what the teacher was saying was the only wasy to survive the class. Succumbing in that way was the first step in learning to let go of all kinds of thought patterns that weren't serving me well. I'm using lessons from yoga more and more in my everyday life, trying to stay in the now, not looking to far ahead, just letting difficult thoughts come and go. While I'm in class and I hear an instructor talk about the benefits of a pose, increased circulation, improved immunity, releasing toxings, I fell like I'm a participant in my healing. I came to Bikram thinking my cancer made me unique I've slowly realized that everyone in the room is here for there own unique reasons and in the end we are all here for the same purpose, we all want to experience life to it's fullest in healthy minds and bodies. I would like to thank all of the instructors for their extraordinary effort in helping us all to achieve this. You change our lives. I wrote this testimonial in Feb. 2005 I had just broken my ankle. After my ankle healed my Doc's decided that there was a new drug they wanted to give me that could help reduce the risk of a reoccurrence of my cancer. I received the new drug every three weeks for a year, this drug had fatigue and possible heart damage as a side effect. Yoga was put on hold. When the treatments were over I let myself use all kinds of excuses for not coming back, but one morning I woke up tired of thinking about dying, put my yoga clothes on and drove to the studio. I sat in my car for just a minute and the walked inside ready to start practicing living again.
  • Dear Jackie, I started my yoga regime in September of 2007 after a discussion with a dear friend about Bikram Yoga. I had never heard of it and being about 40 Lbs overweight with back problems, was hesitant to begin. I have found this to be the best mind and body program I have ever attempted. I feel better emotionally and physically, although I am somewhat restricted in some of the poses because of excess weight, I am getting there. I intend on making this a permanant part of my life. It has truly been a beautiful experience and your instructors at the Sandy location are absolutely fantastic! I cannot express my thanks enough to you all.

    Cheryl L Salt Lake City
  • I can't thank you enough for sharing with me this amazing yoga practice (-: It has completely changed my life in every aspect! I have never felt so good! Even before babies (-: I am almost 30 and in the best shape of my life. I have even grown 2 inches! I will always be involved with your studio. I love seeing all the happy faces and amazing energy every time I walk in! Much love, Annie

  • I absolutely love Mountain Yoga Sandy. I have to be honest... the first time I went to hot yoga, I rather hated it. It was challenging and something completely new to my body. I made it through. I didn't know if I'd go back. But the next morning when I woke up, nothing hurt. I have struggled for a very long time with carpel tunnel due to the work I do and back and neck pain due to lots of weight lifting. I am a nationally qualified NPC figure competitor and I ask a lot of my 50 year old body. What I love most about Mountain Yoga specifically is the energy you feel when you are there. Everyone knows your name and it just feels like family. I have some form things I am really working hard on so that I can be better in my sport. They work with me on that and patiently answer all of the questions that I have. When I think I can't do something, they encourage and challenge me. Every instructor is professional and caring. If you are looking to support a wonderful, local business this is one you should try. They generously offer complimentary community yoga once a month. Give Mountain Yoga a try. But beware - you'll probably crave hot yoga like I now do 🙂

    Kimberlee Hummel
  • This place is great! There is so much variety compared to a traditional Bikram studio so it doesn't become boring. The fusion classes are in my opinion the most challenging. However they are all slightly different and offer a unique practice. I like that there are classes ranging from 60 to 90 mins as well, since some days the hour option fits better into my schedule. The instructors are always nice and will answer any questions you have about postures etc after class.

    Lauren Golay
  • Great people, great energy, love this place

    Annie Larson
  • I love this studio! So many different class options and friendly, knowledgeable instructors.

    Mckayleigh Carli
  • A few years ago, I purchased a Groupon to try Bikram yoga at your studio. I have to be honest, after my first visit, I really wasn't sure this type of yoga was for me. However, since I had a 30 day pass, I decided I should give it a fair chance and return at least 2-3 times a week for the rest of the month. By the end of my 30 days, I had more energy, didn't ache when I got out of bed, and most surprisingly, my brain fog was gone. Last fall, we were burglarized and one of the worst things that was stolen, was my peace of mind. However, the one place I could go to find peace and clarity, was to your studio. Lying in savasana, after exerting myself in a hot yoga studio, helped to calm my mind and bring some balance and peace back into my life. For me, this is where I find true relaxation and rejuvenation. I love this studio and what it has evolved into. There is so much variety, the teachers are excellent and I like the positive energy I feel when I walk into the studio. My husband and I are thinking of moving, however, Mountain Yoga, you are making it very difficult to leave the area!!!

    Kari Duensing
  • I had never tried yoga when I walked into your studio in early 2014 and began practicing the traditional Bikram 26 postures. It was amazing--a low back injury had plagued me for over a decade, and nothing I had tried during all that time made a difference like yoga. When the Vinyasa flow classes came along I looked at the schedule and saw that if I did not want to take fewer classes I would have to include a good number of non-traditional Bikram classes. I had had so much success with what I had been doing that I wondered if I would need to find another studio. I decided to try including traditional, fusion, and flow classes in my routine, and have been thrilled with the outcome. I have found that the classes compliment one another excellently and my practice has progressed to a whole new level. Thank you for this marvelous studio. I cannot say how much coming has done for me.

  • This Yoga Studio is amazing! I have been going for about two months now and I couldn't be more pleased. I even signed my mother up (she has never done yoga) and I am continually impressed by the caring, loving , supportive nature all of the employees and instructors express!!!! If you are looking for a place for mind and body improvements regardless of where you are starting from - you should sign up. I wouldn't ever go any place else. THANK YOU FOR BEING SUCH AN AMAZING BUSINESS!!! You all have made my yoga experience so awesome!!! Thanks for all you have done for me and are doing for my mom!

    Cambria Ohai
  • This place is great! There is so much variety compared to a traditional Bikram studio so it doesn't become boring. The fusion classes are in my opinion the most challenging. However they are all slightly different and offer a unique practice. I like that there are classes ranging from 60 to 90 mins as well, since some days the hour option fits better into my schedule. The instructors are always nice and will answer any questions you have about postures etc after class.

    Lauren Golay
  • My husband finally agreed to join me at hot yoga after I had been inviting him for over 9 years!
    Within 3-4 months he was no longer bracing his lower back with his hands when seated. His back pain was gone! Other body parts were feeling better too: shoulders, wrist, plantar fasciitis in feet, knees. But those were secondary benefits to me. I was enjoying sharing my love and enjoyment of yoga with my love.
    Lucy B

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