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We all have to overcome obstacles as we work to become our best selves. You have the power within yourself to climb any mountain you face. With the help of a supportive community and skilled instructors, you can achieve the inner peace and physical wellness you’ve been striving for.

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Balanced Practice

Our elemental classes integrate multiple lineages from the past into one modern system. This simple, innovative structure will guide and encourage you on your path to a complete, personalized yoga practice. Explore the system and discover complimentary classes that will build strength, develop stability, and foster deep inner peace.

About Mountain Yoga Sandy Community

Welcoming Community

The power to change your life is ingrained in you. Your journey is unique. But the support and guidance of the community are vital to continued success on your yoga journey. At Mountain Yoga Sandy, we believe that our welcoming, affirming community is at the heart of each member’s success. There is a place for everybody here.

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Empowering Motivation

Whatever mountain you are facing, a regular yoga practice can help you conquer it. Through our integrative system, our incredible community, and our supportive instructors, you’ll find the power within you to change your life for the better. Whatever your unique strengths and challenges, you’ll find ways to overcome your obstacles and live your best life.

Our Sandy yoga classes are for everyone! Although we are primarily a hot yoga studio, we offer a series of heated and unheated yoga classes to provide a balanced yoga practice. Whether you are a beginner or wishing to deepen your practice, our yoga classes will provide you with all the benefits: strength, reduced anxiety, pain relief, relaxation, flexibility, and more!

Although Mountain Yoga Sandy is primarily a hot yoga studio, we offer a full series of heated and unheated yoga classes a promote a sustainable yoga practice.

Hatha | Earth | Build patience, willpower, determination, and confidence

Fusion | Fire | Enhance your stability, strength, and flexibility

Flow | Air  | Provide a sense of freedom and stability through movement and breath

Stretch | SpaceCreate a balance of strength and flexibility through moderation 

Restore | WaterMelt away tension to feel nourished and relaxed

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Hot Yoga Classes

Mountain Yoga Sandy is mainly a hot yoga studio. We offer hot yoga class options for each of our 5 elemental classes. Whether you want a classical hot yoga class (Hatha), a relaxing class (Restore), a way to expand your practice (Fusion or Flow-Vinyasa), a class to help you find space physically and mentally (Stretch), we offer a class for everyone.

hatha yoga

Hatha Yoga

Our classical hot hatha yoga class represents the Earth element. You can expect 26 static poses and 2 breathing exercises with slight variations.

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This transformative class embodies the element of Fire by blending static and flow postures. The wide variety of dynamic poses that ebb and flow in energy will enhance your stability, strength, and flexibility. Suitable for all levels.

vinyasa yoga sandy

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

This dynamic vinyasa yoga class represents the Air element with a series of salutations and postures, starting slow and simple, and then builds towards more intense, apex postures. This invigorating all-level practice creates a sense of freedom and stability through movement.

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This moderate practice represents the element of space, physically and mentally. Whether you are an athlete needing some recovery or a beginner wanting to expand, this class will provide you an opportunity of long, steady holds that will provide a balance of strength and flexibility.

restorative yoga classes sandy

Restorative yoga

This restorative yoga class is the essence of the water element. With the lights low and supportive props, you will yield into long, slow, deep holds that will melt away tension and leave you feeling relaxed and renewed.

Complementary Services

pilates sandy


This engaging pilates class is a strong complement to your yoga practice! You will mindfully challenge the muscle groups’ strength and flexibility while bringing emphasis to the core. You are sure to feel stronger and more agile in your everyday movements.

quigong in sandy


In this qigong class, you will enjoy slow, meditative movements with stretching and self-massage. Become consciously aware of the present moment as we focus on feeling instead of thinking. Simply learning to BE = Breathe & Expand.

kids yoga for kids sandy

Yoga for Kids (Returning Fall 2021)

These classes are held in a series format for different age groups. Kids will explore yoga poses, breathing exercises, and meditation techniques that cater to the varying interests, energies, and developmental stages of the children.

Other Services

group yoga classes sandy

Group Yoga Classes

Yoga is a great way to celebrate an event or to bring your favorite people together. Whether you're looking for a unique experience for your next party, or want to give something special as a gift, our Group Yoga Classes are perfect.

Sandy Private Yoga Sessions

Private Yoga Sessions

Ready to take your practice up a notch? Or need help with an injury? Private yoga sessions at Mountain Yoga Sandy can help keep you feel secure and empowered.

online yoga classes

Online Yoga Classes

Work your body, build your self-awareness, reduce your stress, and improve your well-being, wherever you are in the world and wherever you are on your yogic journey.

Mountain Yoga Sandy offers Yoga Alliance Certified teacher training in Sandy. Take the next step in your developmental journey through the 5 elemental classes that are rooted in ancient yoga principles. Let your trusted instructors guide you through the coursework and deepen your understanding of the practice of yoga.

infrared Sauna Sandy Ut

Our state-of-the-art infrared sauna is extremely low EMF with Bluetooth/AUX/MP3 audio inputs. Unlike a traditional sauna that heats the air, infrared heats the body directly- providing a more comfortable and relaxing experience.

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Scale New Heights

We believe in your ability to move mountains and become the best version of yourself. At Mountain Yoga Sandy, you’ll find the help, encouragement, support, and tools you need to succeed.