The Mountain Yoga System is a comprehensive system of 5 Elemental yoga classes designed and inspired by over 15 years as a studio,  35 years of practice, and 29 years of teaching yoga classes.

By bringing Bikram Yoga to the Salt Lake Valley in 2003 we helped lead Utah in the Hot Yoga revolution. After teaching thousands of students and teachers alike, we have intently studied and evolved traditional hot yoga by integrating modern biomechanics and more diversified and balanced sequencing. The need to evolve hot yoga and to develop the Mountain Yoga System comes from keen observation both in our personal practice and teaching, ultimately bringing you a more sustainable and fulfilling yoga practice. The 5 Elemental classes intentionally vary in sequence and approach providing you balance on and off the mat.

Yoga practitioners who embrace the Mountain Yoga System can achieve an intentional blend of strength and flexibility for their bodies, minds, and hearts. Based on multiple classic Hatha yoga styles including Bikram, Ghosh, Sanchez, Iyengar, Ashtanga, and more, our Mountain Yoga System of 5 Elemental classes acknowledge historical yogic principles while embracing a modern approach. The Mountain Yoga System is a unique system of 5 Elemental classes based on the same core Mountain Yoga principles; concentration, compassion, discipline, and expansion.  All Elemental classes work together for you and your practice. Each one providing you a different focus, duration, sequence, intensity, and temperature.

Whether you are a first-time yogi or a long time practitioner the 5 Elemental classes; Earth, Fire, Air, Space, and Water classes will provide you strength, flexibility, and mental clarity. They are all designed to be accessible and effective for everyone. The variety of classes gives practitioners different options to suit their experience, schedule, and mood while still working together as a whole system.  Show up to any class anytime and you will experience the same great Mountain Yoga experience that our studio has built our reputation upon.

Classes For Every Body.



 Mountain Yoga Sandy opened in 2003 and is the oldest one-owner studio in the Salt Lake Valley.

Jacqueline Wheeler

In 1996, I started exploring the world of yoga. I was living in Seattle, attending art school, designing furniture, and apprenticing as a woodworker. Not only did I discover that I truly loved yoga, but over the years I also found relief from the (world’s) tightest hips and hamstrings, recovered from shoulder and hand injuries, and bounced back from two pregnancies with C-sections.
Teaching yoga began in 2000 when I was certified at the Bikram’s Yoga College of India. I honor this foundation but have not limited myself to this practice alone. Instead, I have continued my education with teacher trainings and workshops of many lineages. One of my personal goals with yoga is to practice authenticity and expansion. By focusing on these two attributes, I have also discovered gratitude and mindfulness.
One of my dreams has been to own a yoga studio, and I am grateful for Mountain Sandy Yoga. At the studio, we create a space where traditional yoga philosophy integrates with modern-day science and bio-mechanics, building a sustainable practice for myself and others. I love witnessing others overcome their limitations and discovering how powerful they are. In addition to yoga, I am also inspired by my two children (who are my greatest teachers), art, design, traveling, and outdoor adventures.
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