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We all have to overcome obstacles as we work to become our best selves. You have the power within yourself to climb any mountain you face. With the help of a supportive community and skilled instructors, you can achieve the inner peace and physical wellness you’ve been striving for.


Balanced Practice

Our elemental classes integrate multiple lineages from the past into one modern system. This simple, innovative structure will guide and encourage you on your path to a complete, personalized yoga practice. Explore the system and discover complementary classes that will build strength, develop stability, and foster deep inner peace.

Welcoming Community

The power to change your life is ingrained in you. Your journey is unique. But the support and guidance of the community is vital to continued success on your yoga journey. At Mountain Yoga Sandy, we believe that our welcoming, affirming community is at the heart of each member’s success. There is a place for everybody here.

Empowering Motivation

Whatever mountain you are facing, a regular yoga practice can help you conquer it. Through our integrative system, our incredible community, and our supportive instructors, you’ll find the power within you to change your life for the better. Whatever your unique strengths and challenges, you’ll find ways to overcome your obstacles and live your best life.

Scale new heights

We believe in your ability to move mountains and become the best version of yourself. At Mountain Yoga Sandy, you’ll find the help, encouragement, support, and tools you need to succeed.

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