Come as often as you can so that you can begin to see the true benefits of yoga.

Whether you are a first-time yogi or a long-time practitioner the 5 Elemental classes; Earth, Fire, Air, Water, and Space classes will provide you strength, flexibility, and mental clarity. Each class is designed to be accessible and effective for everyone. The variety of classes gives practitioners different options to suit their experience, schedule, and mood while still working together as a whole system. Show up to any class anytime and you will experience a great Mountain Yoga experience that our studio has built our reputation upon.

Now is the time to step onto your mat and into your life!


A little yoga goes a long way in your life to help you release tension both physically and mentally. Yoga can provide you strength and flexibility. Regular practice is a great way to help prevent injuries in your other activities by keeping the systems of the body balanced and working optimally. Here at Mountain Yoga we have observed the above benefits of yoga in our students for years and years. The Mountain Yoga System is designed with you in mind providing you guidance and variety in order to help you get the absolute most out of your practice. Between our in-studio and virtual classes we have something for everybody.

All classes for Every Body– The 5 Elemental classes create a system from which you can choose your daily practice. As a first time student to Mountain Yoga we encourage you to sign up for our Intro to Membership offer and attend at least 10 classes in those 30 days. We recommend starting out with Hatha, Restore, or Stretch. Our recommendation is by no means the only way to start. You know your body best, you know your intention for coming to yoga and what works best with your schedule. Most important is to make the time for yourself and come your mat.

Yes and so much more. Our Hatha Earth Class is based on traditional hot yoga while integrating widely accepted and sustainable bio-mechanics. The Hatha Earth Class consists of only 26 postures of the Ghosh Yoga Lineage. Mountain Yoga’s 4 other Elemental Classes take you beyond Bikram Yoga by integrating more poses from the Ghosh Yoga lineage and beyond.

Mountain Yoga is the oldest one owner one location yoga studio in the state of Utah. We have had the unique experience of introducing thousands of new people to the benefits of practicing yoga. We have inspired many to become teachers and even others to open their own yoga studios. Originally a Bikram studio- today we have moved beyond Bikram yoga by offering the powerfully balanced Mountain Yoga system. With 30+ teachers and 50+ classes/ week the Mountain Yoga student receives experienced and compassionate guidance. Mountain Yoga offers you what few studios can; whether you like it Hot or Not, in-studio or virtual, whether you like to concentrate or move freely with your breath – Mountain Yoga is there for you.

No. We know that not everyone embraces external heat in their yoga practice. We have two studio rooms, the Big Cottonwood and Little Cottonwood rooms. The BC is Hot and The LC is not. In addition, our classes intentionally vary in temperature providing you a balanced space to practice.

Sign up for your first month of unlimited classes for 50% off! This is a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the Mountain Yoga system. Attend 2-3 times per week (or more!) to see the most benefits. Membership is no commitment, just let us know 7 days before your billing date to cancel.

Generally, Mountain staff are available here at the studio 30 minutes prior to your chosen class and open the doors about 15 minutes before class. As a new student, it is best to arrive 15 minutes prior to your class time in order to get acquainted with the space and meet your teacher. When you arrive please inform the staff that you are present and sign into class. After your first class, it is best to be 10-15 minutes early to get settled. If you are more than 5 minutes late then you may not be admitted to class.

  • Yoga mat. Rentals available for $3
  • Large bath or yoga towel for heated classes. Rentals available for $3
  • Water bottle – we have Reverse Osmosis filtered water for refills.

**While you are on the Intro to Membership you receive 20% off mat, towel, and block purchases.

***Qigong classes do not require a yoga mat or towel.

  • Dress appropriately.
  • Open mind.
  • Empty stomach.
  • Proper Hydration.
  • New Student Registration. This needs to be filled out online.
  • $59 Intro to Membership. For first time or returning students to Mountain Yoga, this is a GREAT way to start off your Mountain Practice. 

Yes, we have showers and full-size dressing rooms with select amenities.

Please as always check with your doctor before beginning a yoga practice. Many of our staff, teachers and students have maintained a strong and consistent yoga practice through their pregnancy. We also know that each individual’s circumstances are different and need to be honored during this wonderful time of life. Please always let your teacher know that you are pregnant and ask about posture modifications that are available to you throughout your pregnancy.

We currently do not offer prenatal specific yoga classes. We do, however, offer classes that could be extremely beneficial during any time of your pregnancy. If you are new to yoga we recommend beginning with our Restore or Stretch classes.

If you are interested in a more personalized practice we offer private classes. If you are interested in a private class, email us with your inquiry.

People burn calories and lose weight while practicing yoga and at the same time clean their system to work optimally.  In addition to a workout a regular yoga practice will provide you mental clarity and helps shed the stress of life.  When you are less agitated and at ease you will tend to make healthier decisions in your daily life.

No question that you may have is too small or too big for that matter to ask. If we have not answered your concern above please email us at

or give a call at 801-501-9642
Help us Help you discover a better life with Yoga.

Mountain Tips & Etiquette

Here are a few tips for making your first few visits with us as pleasant, peaceful, and fulfilling as possible.

First-time students to Mountain Yoga please be at least 15 minutes early. You will get the most out of your class by arriving early and allowing yourself the time to meet your teacher, our staff, and prepare for class. Please plan on attending the entire class.  Unless you have an emergency, it is best to stay until the end of class. Savasana or relaxation at the end, after all, is the best part of your yoga practice and day. Students who are more than 5 minutes late may not be admitted to class.

Although fancy yoga clothes are not necessary at Mountain yoga it is helpful to follow a few guidelines when choosing your clothing for your class. Whether practicing one of Mountain Yoga’s Hot or not Hot classes is best to avoid cotton and wear clothing that provides coverage and mobility. In our Hot classes less is more allowing you to sweat and seek alignment via mirrors. In the regular temperature classes wear clothing that allows you to move and stay comfortable.
Communicating with your Mountain teacher and letting them know of any recent or past injuries that you are concerned about is appropriate and encouraged. This will help them help you by offering appropriate modifications to aid you in creating a healthy and sustainable yoga practice.
FREE your FEET!  All classes no shoes needed.

It is so helpful and appreciated if you take the time to sign-in to class before setting up your mat. Yes, you may be wanting to get your ‘favorite spot’, but signing in first helps both our staff and teachers. This makes your teacher’s job easier. They can spend more time teaching and less time trying to find missing students. Thank you all in advance for your help.

Practice is about creating time and space to breathe and receive. In today’s fast-paced tech world we all need a few minutes a day away from it all. Here at Mountain Yoga, we pride ourselves on providing you that peaceful space. Please help us help you and leave your phone out of the studio room. We do understand that your profession may require that you are on call. If this is the case please speak to our staff and let them know your phone will be on silent.

Thank you.

Hatha yoga practice is a process of purification and an opportunity to leave behind the outside world. In an effort to welcome all people to all classes at Mountain Yoga please refrain from wearing any and all pungent perfumes, lotions and colognes.

Although Mountain Yoga is almost 5000 square feet and contains two spacious studio rooms sometimes the classes can get busy. If there is one thing a consistent Mountain Yoga practice can provide it is empathy and understanding for others.  Please remind yourself that your practice is greater than any one person and is about creating understanding about all things human. – Share the space.

The 5 ELEMENTAL classes offered by the Mountain Yoga System are designed to provide you an intentional variety of practice. Our classes and our teachers utilize multiple approaches to help you integrate your yoga practice into your life. Every yogi has a favorite teacher, but don’t close yourself off to new teachers and classes. A yoga practice is about expanding your mind and increasing your awareness. Keep an open mind and heart. You may find in the end that you learn something new!


Please be respectful to all your fellow yogis and yoginis and please honor our quiet space within both of our studio rooms by minimizing conversation.

After class please take the time to clean your space for the next class by returning your props to the provided space and drying the floor when necessary. If you are a heavy sweater, please bring additional towels.

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