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30 days unlimited yoga. Includes virtual and studio classes

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First Month for $49

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There’s nothing we love more than welcoming new members to our vibrant, encouraging community. Whether you’re entirely new to yoga or have been practicing for years, we’re confident that you’ll find your studio home here. You’ll find the strength to move your personal mountains and live as the best version of yourself.

You have unlimited potential. Mountain Yoga provides the space you need to harness the power inside of you so that you can achieve your goals and reach new heights. It’s a place to connect deeply with your own strength and that of the community around you.

Elevate your yoga experience. Change your life.

Here are a few tips for making your first few visits with us as pleasant, peaceful, and fulfilling as possible

Arrive A little Early

Aim to get here about 15-20 minutes before class begins to explore the space, put your things away, and meet the instructor and staff.

Dress appropriately.

Fancy gear isn’t necessary at Mountain Yoga – just choose clothing that allows you to move and stay comfortable.

Check in.

Before settling into class and setting up your mat, check in with your instructor and pay for the class, if necessary.

Silence your phone.

To respect the peaceful, safe space we’re creating at Mountain Yoga, please leave your phone outside of the studio room.

Easy on the scent.

Out of respect for everyone in the studio, please refrain from wearing any pungent perfumes, lotions, or colognes.

Remove your shoes.

Practicing barefoot is optimal and helps you achieve balance and groundedness.

Talk to your instructor about injuries.

When they know about your concerns, your instructors can offer you appropriate modifications to help you create a healthy and sustainable yoga practice.

Share the space.

Please remain mindful of other yogis and share the space, especially when a class is full.

Minimize conversation.

Please honor our quiet space in our studio rooms by minimizing conversation. It’s welcomed and encouraged outside of the studio rooms, though!

Clean up.

After class, please take the time to clean your space for the next class by returning your props to the provided area and drying the floor when necessary.

Keep an open mind.

Every yogi has a favorite teacher, but don’t close yourself off to new teachers and classes. Yoga practice is about expanding your mind and increasing your awareness.

First Month for $49

30 days unlimited yoga. Includes virtual and studio classes