Introducing 2 Kids Yoga Series to cater to the varying interests, energies, and developmental stages of children.

Ages 3-5 — Tuesdays 12-1pm 4 week series with Jen (adult can take 12pm Fire class!)
Yoga comes to life in these fun and creative classes designed to stimulate a child’s growing curiosity. Sprinkled with cooperative games, theme activities, storytelling, music, and art engage the natural energy and enthusiasm of each child. Classes explore Yoga poses, breathing exercises, visual imagery and relaxation techniques while conveying lessons in self-expression, body image, social skills, positive thinking, and environmental awareness.

4 Week Series- $45


Ages 6-11 — Wednesdays 5-6:15pm 4 week series – with Jen, Autumn & Lily 

Extended childcare ($5) available if adult wants to take 5:30pm Hot Flow class!
Kindling their maturing independence these classes encourage a deeper sense of body awareness, self-exploration and interpersonal skills. Each class will include yoga postures, savasana and will be catered to that week’s intention as listed below.
Classes integrate traditional Yoga poses, flowing sequences, breathing exercises, deep-relaxation and meditation techniques as well as self-reflection. Students will gain a deeper understanding of the physical and philosophical aspects of Yoga.


4 Week Series- $60

Pre-Registration Required for each series