Yoga for your Best Year Yet!

Do you find yourself wishing you were stronger, more flexible, or had better balance?

Maybe you wish you could control the feelings of anxiety or anger you get when you’re running late, or get cut off in traffic?

No matter what you are seeking from your yoga practice, you likely find that, and more. Most people get an ample amount of physical, mental, and spiritual benefits from a regular yoga practice.

Here’s five ways yoga will help you have your best year yet:

1. Yoga will increase your strength and flexibility

That’s right- yoga will increase more than just your flexibility! Although flexibility is what most people associate with yoga, there is more to it than just stretching. At Mountain Yoga we offer 9 different types of classes to help you create a balanced and sustainable practice.
By maintaining a regular practice, and taking a variety of classes you will see huge improvements in your strength, mobility and flexibility. Movement is medicine, and when you begin practicing yoga regularly you’ll be increasing your flexibility, while also building strength in your entire body. Bonus- you’ll probably also begin to identify what areas of your body give you the most issues, and you’ll learn how to effectively target those areas relieving the aches and pains from your daily life.

2. Yoga can help improve self-esteem

Most yoga practitioners consider yoga as a form of self-care- and for good reason. It’s becoming more and more important in this day and age to take better care of yourself as we’re exposed to media, toxins, and busy lives.
No matter who you are, or what your background is, you are capable of doing yoga! The first time you hold warrior 3 longer than a couple seconds, get into a crow pose, or a headstand you’ll likely be ecstatic! Yoga can show you how to do things that you never even considered!
Yoga teaches you to be accepting of yourself.

3. Yoga can help you prevent or recover from injury

Do you already have a movement practice that excites you? Yoga could help prevent injury! We see bodybuilders, runners, skiers, and other athletes come through our door every day. Yoga is a fantastic supplementation to your regular workouts because yoga helps balance the body and identify weaknesses. Taking a heated class also allows you boost your heart rate in a safe, manageable way without the impact of other cardiovascular activities like running.

Are you trying to recover from an injury? Many doctors and PT’s are recommending yoga to help recover from an injury as many of the exercises we do in yoga are the same that your physical therapist will have you do. If you are recovering from an injury, make sure you get approval from your doctor before attending yoga, and please remember that it is your responsibility to be well-informed about your injuries, and to take care of yourself during any yoga class.

You are never “too fit” or “too inflexible” our “too out of shape” to do yoga! Yoga is for everyBODY!

4. Yoga can help reduce stress, depression, and anxiety

Feeling stressed out? Yoga can reduce the stress response. Suffering from anxiety attacks? Knowing some yoga exercises, and breath techniques can help you ground yourself.
Yoga has been shown to have profound effects on the brain. Yoga can boost serotonin, one of the chemicals in your brain that plays a role in happiness and decrease cortisol and adrenaline- the “stress” hormones.

5. Yoga can help you be more mindful

In a typical yoga class at Mountain Yoga we combine Asanas (the postures) with Pranayama (the breath). When you begin to focus on the posture that you’re doing, and the breath that’s associated, it increases our awareness of the present moment. We practice this in the yoga room, so that it’s easier in our everyday life. In addition, many classes will include some form of meditation helping you to be more calm.

Are you convinced that you need to add yoga to your routine yet? If you’re new to Mountain Yoga check out our Utah Locals Intro Deal to get started!

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