Nikki Seward


Nikki’s yoga journey started in early 2015, and what an evolution it has been! From practicing to teaching, while always being in the perspective of an eager student. Yoga has been her constant center as life’s happenings change, bodies change and needs change. These various opportunities for change, along with endless curiosity, have led Nikki up to this very moment as an adaptable facilitator, practitioner, and an expanding sense of what yoga means to her.

Today, Nikki is a yogi mom that really indulges in a slow practice. Some days are more strong, while other days call for a sense of ease. Each class is curated to bring balance and peace from all the teachings, philosophies, and unique experiences that have led her into this NOW moment of BEing. Nikki believes in living her yoga, on and off the mat with integration as the key to harmony.

Off the mat, Nikki enjoys traveling, passing time with friends & family, hiking, anything outdoors, healthy veggie cooking (mostly eating!), reading, and learning all things (self-exploratory and what the universe has to offer).

She looks forward to connecting and growing your practice, along with our community 😊


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