Alisha Blackmore

Alisha fell in love with her yoga practice 12 years ago and immersed herself in the study of yoga. Having experienced the benefits of yoga on and off the mat she feels heartfelt gratitude to share and facilitate practice for every BODY. Yoga has inspired Alisha to embrace vulnerability, mindfulness, and feel a deep love […]

Autumn Salinas

Autumn is a highly intuitive and versatile instructor. Her focus is meeting students where they are in the moment. She explains her goal as an instructor is to facilitate a practice wherein you leave not only more connected to your body & mind but also your essence and truth.Autumn holds several credentials including E-RYT 500 […]

Malari Bleyl

My yoga journey started around 2016. I was dabbling around with it here and there but was never consistent. I knew I had a passion for yoga, however, my true passion did not unfold until October of 2019 when I discovered Mountain Yoga Sandy. I had originally purchased an intro pass to try out the […]

Jen Folkman

Jen Folkman has been an integral part of Mountain Yoga since 2007. She is Mountain Yoga’s Studio Manager and has been teaching yoga for 6 years. Her initial training was Master Core with Tony Sanchez in 2013. She has since completed additional training’s, becoming certified in Vimana Beginning Yoga and Vimana Fusion Yoga with Bel […]

Jayda White

Jayda’s first yoga class was at Mountain Yoga Sandy in June of 2019. She came for a workout and to get more flexible. She soon realized yoga was so much more than that. Her mind felt calmer, not just in her practice but in everyday life. Yoga was a way to cope with her anxiety. […]

Catherine McKenzie

Catherine is the Assistant Manager at Mountain Yoga. Catherine explored yoga in high school at the local rec center, and then again in college at the University of Utah when she began taking classes each semester. She didn’t realize it then, but yoga was becoming an integral part of her stress management and self-reflection techniques. […]