Gift Ideas for your Favorite Yogi

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We’re all obsessed with Hydroflasks around here. Some of our teachers are known to have multiple colors… and for good reason! They keep your water at the perfect temperature even during a 90 minute hot yoga class (plus, they don’t sweat), they’re sturdy enough for adventures (I’ve dropped mine so many times), and come in so many fun colors that you’re sure to find one you love! Bonus, we carry two different sizes and lid variations in case they like straws or sip lids better! They’re a really great gift for that person in your life who’s always on the go and needs to have water with them!

Manduka Mat

We use our mats A LOT, and we want one that will hold up to all of the downward dogs and planks. They’re easy to clean (more on mat cleaners, below), non-toxic, won’t wear out, and are made with a closed cell surface that prevents bacteria from breeding! We have two different sizes here at the studio, and an assortment of colors.

Manduka Towel

Sure, beach towels work fine… but yoga towels designed for hot yoga can really elevate your practice. Yoga towels take away some of the distraction that other towels give when they move around a lot. We like the Manduka towels because you can wash them without worry, and the yogitoe variety have rubber on the bottom to help keep your towel stuck to your mat. They’re absorbent, while not being too bulky!


I’ve mentioned before how important it is to properly hydrate especially when you’re active. Ultima is a high-quality electrolyte supplement to help replenish after lots of sweaty movement. Ultima has clean ingredients, zero calories, zero sugar, and is made with plant-based colors and flavors. 

Mat Cleaner

If your mat needs some extra love, grab some mat cleaner. We carry both Manduka and Hugger Mugger brands, which use essential oils to deodorize and sanitize.


If you’re in doubt…

Purchase a gift card with any amount online or in studio, and the lucky recipient can use it for retail or yoga!


Send a gift card!

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