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You might say that after 14 years in business we have a few tricks up our sleeves to take care of our yoga gear. We do a lot of laundry around here! We always use a combination of baking soda, vinegar, and a natural laundry detergent to clean our towels and clothing. Rental towels occasionally need extra care and we like to use Bac Out, a natural odor remover in those cases!


Sweaty yoga gear might require some extra care!

Of course, follow the instructions on your tag and/or use your best judgement if you think your item might need extra care (for example- I have pants that I will NOT put in the dryer because I don’t want them to shrink!)

Our tips and tricks for fresh, long-lasting yoga wear:

  • Wash cold with like colors
  • DO NOT use dryer sheets, fabric softener’s, or detergents with fabric softener as they may make your yoga clothes less moisture-wicking
  • Dry on low heat, or better yet, air-dry!
  • Don’t let your sweaty clothing sit wet in your hamper! If you’re not washing it right away try to drape it over something so that it dries to prevent it from stinking
  • Wash your clothing and towels as soon as possible to prevent bacteria
  • Did you forget about your yoga gear in your bag and now it stinks? Try soaking it in a vinegar and baking soda combination, washing as normal, and hang drying it (preferably in the sun!) If this doesn’t work you may need to get an enzyme cleaner like Bac Out or a laundry detergent with enzyme cleaners.
  • Always wash your yoga gear after practicing, even if you didn’t sweat that much!



We asked our students on Facebook, and here’s some tips they gave!

Joi Burke Straaten I use natural detergent, (sometimes homemade), with vinegar & washing soda & vegetable glycerin for fabric softener.  ????Also, lemon essential oil is good to add to the wash.

Serese Harker Kudar I use an allergen free and clear liquid laundry detergent and add ten to twenty drops of DoTerra’s On Guard essential oil-it eliminates the sweat smells in both yoga clothes, towel mats, even my son’s hockey gear. On Guard works awesome as an air freshener and DIY mat cleaner; add water, a touch of witch hazel, drops of the oil to your liking and   a great disinfectant spray and cleaner.

Marci Greve Huffman Rocking Green Platinum Active Wear detergent or DoTerra Purify along with my regular detergent. No softener and no dryer.

Pam Crowe Weisberg I have some of my yoga clothes from training in 2003. I use any detergent that I have and wash them in hot water. Never put them in the dryer. No need for any “fancy” detergent etc. in my experience.

Rebecca Scow Farnsworth I never put em in the dryer – hang outside in the sun!

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