Kellie St. Pierre

Kellie St. Pierre is a yoga practitioner and somatic instructor for over 10 years, advocating for mental, physical, and emotional balance and care. She initially came to the practice looking for a supplement to maintain the body’s physical demands of a professional dancing career and quickly learned the additional abundance of benefits connected to the practice. She values the strengthening and recovery yoga brings to the physical body, the reduction of stress and anxiety clearing for the mind, and the spiritual presence and overall ability to center and ground oneself in an ever-shifting world. Her teaching philosophy acknowledges yoga as a practice for all bodies, all stages of life, and all experiences. She sees yoga as a tool that enables higher levels of awareness, disrupts stagnation held in the body, and overall encourages the empowerment of the self.

Kellie holds a 200-hour yoga certification in vinyasa, 50-hour in yin yoga, 25-hour in Hot Power Fusion, and 25-hour in yoga, specializing for individuals who have suffered Traumatic brain injuries. She has shared her teaching in several cities, primarily Chicago, Los Angeles, and Utah, through classes, workshops, residencies, and teacher trainings. Additionally, she instructs dance and Sugarfoot Therapy, an injury prevention and conditioning program.

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