Malari Bleyl

Desk Staff

My yoga journey started around 2016. I was dabbling around with it here and there but was never consistent. I knew I had a passion for yoga, however, my true passion did not unfold until October of 2019 when I discovered Mountain Yoga Sandy. I had originally purchased an intro pass to try out the studio and get into better physical shape. I had no idea of just how much my world was about to change. Not only was it great for my physical body, but my mental body as well. I have struggled with anxiety and stress my whole life. Through yoga and meditation, I have transformed my mental struggles and have learned how to manage my stress and anxiety in so many ways. Aside from the mental and physical gains, I have met a whole new family and community that I will cherish forever. The atmosphere and energy surrounding yoga and a great studio is amazing and such a sanctuary for me. With each practice, I learn new tools and lessons that I apply to each day of my life. I look forward to my practice and all of the joy and sunshine it brings me. I one day hope to share that joy I have learned with the world by becoming a teacher.

When I’m not practicing yoga, you can find me hiking with my dog, rock climbing, camping, shooting photos, and growing plants indoors and out.

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