Overcoming Fear of Yoga: A Journey to Inner Peace. Student Testimonial

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“Yoga has always been something that intrigued me, but my fear of yoga and not being flexible enough held me back from trying it. I have always been the person who struggles to touch their toes and can barely do a simple stretch. The thought of being in a class where I am the only one who can’t do the poses properly made me feel like a failure even before I started.

But, I was tired of feeling this way. I wanted to overcome my fear and give yoga a chance. So, I took a deep breath and headed to my first yoga class.

Walking into the studio, I was greeted by a friendly staff member who welcomed me and showed me where to place my mat. I looked around and saw that there were people of all ages, shapes, and sizes in the class. Some were more flexible than others, but everyone seemed to be focused on their own practice.

The class started, and the instructor guided us through the poses. I tried my best to follow along, but I was struggling. I felt like my body was not cooperating with me, and I couldn’t seem to get into the poses properly.

I started to feel frustrated and embarrassed. I could feel the eyes of the other yogis on me, and I was sure they were judging me for not being as flexible as they were. But then, something amazing happened.

The instructor came over to me and gently adjusted my pose. She told me that it was okay to not be perfect and that we all have to start somewhere. She encouraged me to keep trying and reminded me that yoga is about progress, not perfection.

Her words resonated with me, and I felt a sense of relief wash over me. I was not alone in my struggle, and there was no judgment in this space. I took a deep breath and tried the pose again, this time with a little more confidence.

As the class continued, I started to feel more comfortable. I was still struggling with some of the poses, but I was not as scared as I was before. I was starting to enjoy the feeling of stretching my body and the sense of calm that came with each pose.

By the end of the class, I felt proud of myself for facing my fear and trying something new. I realized that yoga was not about being the most flexible or the best at the poses. It was about connecting with your body, finding inner peace, and improving your overall well-being.

This experience taught me that it’s okay to be scared and that sometimes, the only way to overcome that fear is to take a leap of faith. I am grateful for this experience and can’t wait to see where my yoga practice takes me next.

If you are like me and have been afraid of trying yoga, I encourage you to take that first step. Don’t let your fear of yoga hold you back from experiencing the many benefits of yoga. Remember, it’s not about being perfect, it’s about progress. Take it one pose at a time, and you will be surprised at what your body is capable of. Yoga is not just a physical practice, but a journey to inner peace and self-discovery. So, take that leap of faith and begin your journey today.”

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Catherine McKenzie

Catherine is the Marketing Manager at Mountain Yoga. Catherine explored yoga in high school at the local recreation center, and then again in college at

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