Tips for Beginning a Meditation Practice

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Meditation has been around for a very long time, in fact it’s been around for over 5,000 years. To say it has passed the test of time would be an understatement. Whether you practice yoga or not, you can benefit from a meditation practice. Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, can improve sleep, and so much more!

When you practice meditation for even just 1 minute the benefits over time will start to show. Meditation isn’t about quieting the mind, but finding awareness of it. As Sadhguru says “Meditation means dissolving the invisible walls that unawareness has built.” So meditation sounds amazing right?

But where do you begin? Here are a few tips for beginning a meditation practice:

  • Have patience: The number one thing to remember is to be patient. sitting down and breathing can look so easy but the moment you take a seat and start to quite the mind the more difficult it becomes. Give yourself a break and remember that with most things in life patience is key.
  • Practice with Mala Beads and a MantraMala Beads are a strand of 108 beads with a larger “guru” bead at the end and either Tassels, a Tibetan Symbol, or a Crystal attached. A Mantra is a phrase or word with significant meaning to you it could be anything from “I am enough. I have enough. I do enough.” to something as simple as even “cookies” if that’s what makes you happy, I mean who doesn’t love cookies!

How to:

    1. Use word(s) that have the most impact on your mind and say it in your mind 108 times.
    2. Every time you speak the word move your finger down a bead from one side of the guru bead to meet on the other side. This is how you will keep count without losing concentration on your mantra.
    3. When you notice your mind start to drift bring it back with the mantra.
    4. Remember to breathe
  • Practice with guides: A common thing when first starting out with meditation is starting right off the bat with guides. But knowing which specific guide will work for you is what will set the practice a part from others. Explore the endless options of guides all across the internet, podcasts, or apps and see what fits you best.

Or, explore more at Mountain Yoga:

  1. Try one of the guided meditations on our On-Demand site! We have many to choose from!
  2. Look for Meditation classes on the schedule.
  3. If you are looking to learn a different kind of breath work we have our Conscious Breathing for Healing and Awakening workshops which will be an incredible experience. Breath work is a means of inducing an altered state of consciousness through full and connected breathing. An energy charge is created in the body, and as the energy disperses, it serves to release, or to cleanse blockages, both physical and emotional.
  4. If you are looking for something with music then we offer great Sound Bath Workshops. Sound Baths for the Soul are a group sound meditation using the magical tones and vibrations of Crystal & Metal Singing Bowls, Chimes, Drums, etc… Participants can experience peace, calmness, and a deep state of relaxation as the healing frequencies move through their physical and energetic bodies naturally assisting in the release of stress, tension and holistic healing.How long should you meditate? It’s really up to you! Davidji says “Ultimately, the answer to how often should meditate is a very personal one. And the same goes for choosing between meditation styles. There are many different types of meditation, and there is no right or wrong way to do it. However, learning new techniques can provide added benefits.”

Meditation can change your life!

Written by Kimille Smith, Mountain Yoga Sandy

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