What We Wish You Knew As A Beginner

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Advice for the Beginner Yogi

or anyone who needs a friendly reminder!

Trying something new can be intimidating. The cliché yoga class you’ll see on TV shows a bunch of fit, young, women in their Lululemon’s in a class practicing twisty poses that most of the population would never think of trying.

We’re here to break that cliché! In our classes, you’ll find REAL people. People with their own struggles. Moms and dads who can barely fit a workout in, people who have never found a form of exercise they love, people struggling with injuries and health concerns.

Whether you’re brand new, or have only tried yoga at your gym or online you’re sure to love the studio experience that Mountain Yoga or your local studio provides.

We asked our staff what their advice to a new yoga student would be. Here’s what they said:

Celebrate your Victories

“Celebrate the victories both big and small. I fell in love with my practice because I started celebrating my victories in my own way. I would reward myself and my mood would change drastically because of it and then I couldn’t wait to get back into the studio to try it again.” – Kimille

No Judgement

“Yoga does not compare or judge. Yoga starts wherever you are at today! Don’t compare yourself to others. It doesn’t matter what the pose looks like, it’s what it feels like. By meeting yourself where you are at and noticing how your body feels, you receive the benefits of the practice.” -Jayda


“Practice at least 3x per week. The more consistent you are the easier everything will feel and the more you will see your progress!” – Jackie

Be Kind to Yourself

“One piece of advice for a first-time yoga student would be to be kind to yourself, we are all here on our mats working out our own stuff. Everyone’s practice is unique and there is beauty in our differences.”  -Sarah

You look great!

“Don’t let how you might look stop you from practicing. Nobody in the yoga room is paying attention to you, and if you’re brand new to yoga you should feel okay with looking around to see what other people are doing. It might seem like everyone knows what they’re doing but really we’re all on our own level!” -Catherine

It starts with the breath.

Let your breath be the most important thing. Focus on smooth breaths in and out through your nose. If your breath gets challenging, back off. – Jen

Have Fun!

It’s such simple advice that it’s all to easy to forget. My body and my mind benefit so much and in countless ways from my regular yoga practice. Even still, the truth is there is no way that I would be able to sustain my practice if I wasn’t having fun practicing. You will often hear instructors at Mountain Yoga Sandy say to “make your practice work for you” and generally they may be referring more to your biology. I love this queue and I use it as a reminder not only to listen to and honor my body, but to have fun with my practice!  That little reminder, two simple words, “have fun” helps me to commit to the moment. -Amanda

The teachers and staff at Mountain Yoga are here for your journey. We’d love to help you see how yoga can help you meet your goals.

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