Are Yoga Retreats Worth It? 5 Reasons We Think So

Previous Next Have you been considering a yoga retreat but are wondering if it’s worth it? Whether you’re new to yoga or have been practicing for 10 years there’s a lot of reasons to do a yoga retreat!  Here are 5 reasons you’ll find out it’s actually really worth it to do a yoga retreat. […]

Yearning to Take Your Practice to the Next Level?

Make the Leap with Mountain Yoga Sandy’s New and Improved 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training By Melissa Fields In the three years that Mountain Yoga Sandy (MYS) has been offering its annual 200-hour, Yoga Alliance-certified, Fall Yoga Teacher Training, led by MYS founder Jackie Wheeler, dozens of yogis have made the leap from practitioner to teacher, […]

What to Eat Before & After Hot Yoga

With so many options, it can be hard to know what to eat before yoga. You want enough to fuel you through the class, but not so much that your stomach ends up not agreeing with you. One crucial aspect of yoga is to be mindful- on and off the mat- and that applies to what you eat, too!

Can you improve your posture with yoga?

When you sit do you slouch? When you stand do you slouch?  Slouching is a common position for all of us- it feels more comforting and there is no required effort to do it. However the long term effects of slouching might surprise you; poor posture leads to headaches, sleep issues, hip, knee, or ankle […]

Why I’m smitten with Mountain Yoga Sandy’s newest place to sweat

Just five minutes in and, along with the sweat beginning to flow from my skin, I can feel the stress of the day melting into the towel beneath me. I shift a bit to get more comfortable and then close my eyes, focusing on the music that washes over me in gentle waves. I wonder […]

Autumn Salinas

Autumn is a highly intuitive and versatile instructor. Her focus is meeting students where they are in the moment. She explains her goal as an instructor is to facilitate a practice wherein you leave not only more connected to your body & mind but also your essence and truth.Autumn holds several credentials including E-RYT 500 […]

Malari Bleyl

My yoga journey started around 2016. I was dabbling around with it here and there but was never consistent. I knew I had a passion for yoga, however, my true passion did not unfold until October of 2019 when I discovered Mountain Yoga Sandy. I had originally purchased an intro pass to try out the […]