Autumn Salinas

Autumn is a highly intuitive and versatile instructor. Her focus is meeting students where they are in the moment. She explains her goal as an instructor is to facilitate a practice wherein you leave not only more connected to your body & mind but also your essence and truth.Autumn holds several credentials including E-RYT 500 […]

Malari Bleyl

My yoga journey started around 2016. I was dabbling around with it here and there but was never consistent. I knew I had a passion for yoga, however, my true passion did not unfold until October of 2019 when I discovered Mountain Yoga Sandy. I had originally purchased an intro pass to try out the […]

Jayda White

Jayda’s first yoga class was at Mountain Yoga Sandy in June of 2019. She came for a workout and to get more flexible. She soon realized yoga was so much more than that. Her mind felt calmer, not just in her practice but in everyday life. Yoga was a way to cope with her anxiety. […]

Ariel Rector

Ariel had her first experience with yoga in high school to help with breathing techniques while playing sports. She then continued to attend class in college which helped keep her grounded and lower stress! Yoga gives Ariel an immense feeling of peace and joy into her life. Outside of yoga Ariel loves to mountain bike, hike, camp, […]

Identifying the Ego

hot yoga sandy utah

How to Identify the Ego The ego is a funny thing, we can’t live without it but boy we wish we could! It’s very cunning but it can also be really dumb, it wants to offer you all the amazing things in this world and at the same time protect you from them BUT it […]

How to Make Time for Yoga

Sandy vinyasa yoga

In order to make time for anything in your life there has to be a sacrifice, hard work, and dedication. Making time is not easy but that’s also a benefit from it. If you are working towards a yoga practice the benefits will be there to help you along the way. Here are a few […]

Toni Lock

I have been studying T’ai Chi and Qigong since 1997 with Master Sifu Jerry Gardner, the co-owner of Red Lotus School of Movement in Salt Lake City, Utah. In January 2009, I became a Sifu, as well, and am now recognized as Sifu Toni. Sifu is pronounced “see-fu” and means teacher. With this title, I […]

Sarah Emery

Sarah has been a student at Mountain Yoga since 2017 and instantly fell in love with the studio. She is originally from San Francisco but now calls Salt Lake home with her husband and their puppy. When she is not doing yoga you can usually find her in the mountains. She loves snowboarding, back-country touring, […]

Rebecca Deighan

“If you get the inside right, the outside will take care of itself” – Eckart Tolle. This simple phrase may sum up my philosophy and life’s work. What started as a dare from a friend to take a yoga class, turned into seven years of practicing and ultimately teaching yoga. Yoga provides both physical and […]